PCMtuner V1.26 Software Driver Patch Free Download and Using Tips

In this article, we are going to share with you all download links about PCMtuner V1.26, which includes software, driver, and patch. Users do not have to download all, and we will show you in which case you will need these links.


Part 1. Get Free Download Link from Cardiagtool:


PCMtuner V1.26

PCMflash V1.20

PCMtuner Driver

NET.Framework 4.8

Windows 7 Pro Patch

1)Win7 64bit Patch

2)Win7 32bit Patch


Part 2. In which case we need these software?


PCMtuner V1.26

Generally, if we install this PCMtuner program on a PC with win10 system correctly, no other download links will be needed.

If you don’t know how to install, please check

The instruction: https://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/service/pcmtuner-user-instruction.html

or The video:


PCMflash V1.20

The updates has two parts;

PCMtuner – Online Update (Click “OK” when there is an available version)


PCMflash – Online Download Link (Click “N” when there is an update notification)


If we update PCMflash, program will prompt “USB dongle is not accessible”.


In this case, we need to uninstall PCMflash V1.25 and re-install PCMflash V1.20.


PCMtuner Driver

When program prompts “Unable to use selected interface”, we need to re-install scanmatik driver.



NET.Framework 4.8

When Win7 system prompts “the system cannot find the file specified”, it means NET.Framework 4.8 is needed.


So we install NET.Framework 4.8, run setup as admin, disable all anti-virus and real-time scans.


Windows 7 Pro Patch

To run PCMtuner program, Win10 system is recommended.

or install patch before installing program on win7 system.


Alright, those are all software about PCMtuner and using tips.

Hope this could help!



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