PCMTuner Write PSA EDC17C60 No Problem after TPROT Off


Try to write PSA EDC17C60 by PCMTuner. After write mod, car not start and have P3028:ECU File Modified. Write Original data not work. writing in Ktag either.




PCMTuner ECU Programmer with current version cannot bypass PSA protection, and there will be a patch to fix this problem on the next version update.



Manually edit Tprot off, for C10 no need while for C60 have to manually edit.


Add simple 0000 mask to file at address start 2CDB78

Try 2CDB78 => 0000 => 2CDB7C Patch for write protection

pcmtuner-write-psa-edc17c60-no-problem-after-tprot-off-2 pcmtuner-write-psa-edc17c60-no-problem-after-tprot-off-3



PCMtuner V1.21 Work only after Tprot off with HEX or OLS.

Have immo off files on all C60 I put the same hw sw file but off and it starts perfectly.


Thanks to Fatih L’Türkoo, Lucky Luc, Marty Bondango…



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