Possible to use Ktag or Kess V2 with 2014 Volvo truck TRW 2.3?

Is it possible to use ktag with 2014 volvo truck ecm. trying to get dpf delete on that truck?

Question from users who tested on this ecu:

  1. kess v2: can

If I am not mistaken you need Kess v2 with proper cables unless you want to make your own.

  1. kess v2/ktag: cannot

That’s Obd model and it’s not possible with ktag or kess.

  1. ktag: cannot

2014 Ecu is TRW 2.3 and its not possible to program with any aftermarket tool.
I have BETA version protocol in ktag for testing, but CKS is making problems. Reading and writing works but it wont work with mod file.

  1. ktag: can

I believe KTAG can pull the info from the eprom, but you have to be DEAD on the pins or you could brick it.

  1. ktag: can

you can read it, but is a little complicated welding cables. xD, and i never seen before someone can deleted by ktag, one confiable member from forum, told me that i contact to aksodiesel and he did it by ptt, little expensive but great work


  1. Fgtech: can

FGTech ori can read and write by BDM/JTAG mode.

Question from profession sales@cardiagtool.co.uk:

using cloned kess v2 or ktag, you have no luck on 2014 volvo truck

but using the ori ecu programming tool, you can have a try but need luck also. With ori ktag it is possible to read/write EMS 2.3 family 870 (coming soon), if you will ask support they will do activation in your tool.

Good to know:

TRW EMS 2 is not same as EMS 2.3

The board pics are different