Rheingold ISTA-D V3.54 has error getting database files to pull in on start-up(Fixed)

Here starts with BMW Rheingold ISTA-D V3.54 issue that I have some trouble getting database files to pull in on start-up, then followed with suggestions and finally I solved it.

Tool and software I used :

BMW Rheingold ISTA-D V3.54


I have the latest version 3.54 ISTA-D installed and running, but I am having some trouble getting database files to pull in on start-up. This is causing my test plans to be incomplete.

What I tried to do and found:

I have already tired several things to get everything working. When I right click on all my files to try and “unblock them” There is no option to unblock the files in preferences. My software also came with a “reg fix” program the install guide recommended to run. This made no change. Last thing I tried was using windows powershell v4.0 to unblock all files relating to ISTA. I am still getting the database error message when I start up.

What I am suggested by cardiagtool.co.uk engineer:

I have an earlier version running. The only issue I encounterd initially was unblocking the files – unless I unblocked them all before extraction, no matter what I did (Powershell etc.,) I could not get them to run properly. I eventually unblocked the zipped file and the program installed and runs perfectly.

My version has multi language SQLITE files (it is v3.45.40 – fairly old compared to the version you have), so there are actually 10 SQLiteDB files but I think the ones you should have are xmlvalueprimitive_ENGB.sqlite, streamdataprimitive_ENGB.sqlite, DiagDocDb.sqlite,

DiaUpdate.sqlite, streamdataprimitive_OTHER.sqlite and xmlvalueprimitive_OTHER.sqlite. I don’t have any “global data files” all I did to install the software was to unblock and UnRAR it, go to the Redist folder and run VS90_piaredist.exe, then go to the TesterGUI|Bin\Release folder and run ISTAGUI.exe. I was prompted to enter the license key on the first run (this modifies Windows registry) and after that you can run the software at any time by creating a shortcut to ISTAGUI.exe. I actually have ISTA/D on an external HDD and run it directly from there on a number of PC’s (had to register the license key on each machine first).

Finally solved:

Well, maybe something that I did, or maybe using the other file actually changed something. I did a scam on my x5 this morning and all the test plans were working. Now to move on to the next software set-up. Maybe ISTA-P now.

I may invest in a BMW icom package before doing programming. Most bus modules and E-net cars really need these interfaces. BMW doesn’t allow individual module programming due to compatibility issues and only recently let us choose to exclude infotainment modules from coding/programming on boardnet 2000 vehicles only (E-series with MOST). If I need to do pre D-can programming I would try WinFPK, but since I am still working at the dealer, I really done need any of it for myself right now.