(Solved) ISTA-P Expert Mode Error 94201 94203 63014

Here are BMW ISTA-P solutions of error 94201 94203 63014


Car: bmw F20 tested

ISTA/P version: ISTA-P NEXT (expert mode)


Error message:

94201 Technical service initialization failed

94203 Global Unknown

63014 (CASTOR) – Error when executing a PSdZ function

63014 (CASTOR) – Error when executing a PSdZ function


Solution: Yes. Solved the problem. Restart to the ZGW will solve the problem (Ethernet wasn’t responding. CAN was ok.) Good to remember on grazy moments when Ista/p crashes and after clean ISTA/P install you start from beginning and the this kind error accours. Saved a lot of hours to search the problem solutio