(solved) VAS 5054A PassthruNOT see VCI but works ok with ODIS

VAS 5054A is confirmed to work with Toyota Techstream and Honda HDS software; but when the passthrue driver is installed on windows 7 x32, the driver, does not see the VCI.

vas-5054a-not-see-vci-4 vas-5054a-not-see-vci-1 vas-5054a-not-see-vci-2 vas-5054a-not-see-vci-3

VAS5054A cloneproperly works with ODIS S and ODIS E

Problem solved.

The problem was the serial number bad configured, all clones have 082145725.

  1. Install D-PDU_API V1.20.23 FW 2.20.23
    2. Re-install SAEJ2534-1 for VAS 5054A Version
    3. Re-configure VAS5054A with serial number

And all works, now only test OK.

solved-vas-5054a-not-see-vci-2 solved-vas-5054a-not-see-vci-1

Usually,vas 5054a with odis: NOT see the VCI

you can try connect with the vas 5054a via the USB cable;

– If VCI can be seen, then it’s not the device issue;

– If it fails to connection also, it’s possibly because of

operation system issues

/ higher Bluetooth version

/ something wrong with the Bluetooth module

So, had better buy a high quality VAS 5054A china clone with a good Bluetooth module

Bluetooth A is much more better than B in terms of hardware quality and connection ability

Credit: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/best-quality-vas-5054a-vw-audi-bentley-lamborghini-with-oki-chip-uds-protocol-2087.html