(Solved) XDOS 12.2017 installation

If you face error about XDOS 12.2017 on 32 bit windows version such as installation restriction or rolling back installation, try my attached method with instructions.



Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell 32 Bit Installer


BIG THANKS to Fouad @ Mhhauto

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In short, the solution to the problem of rolling back the installation by mistake on a 32-bit system:
Download ORCA – MSI package editor -https://support.microsoft.com/en-us…ta…ller-files
That would not download the extra I downloaded here ORCA MSI Editor Standalone Download
We copy the contents of the disk to a flash drive, or to the place where it will be installed later. The image does not go – we need to rewrite one file. Orc this will not give on the image.
Open the installer in the DATA directory with the msi extension and name Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell
In the left column called TABLES looking for the eyes DAIModules – this is what is installed.
We need to throw out what’s stopping us from there. lea at the end of the right list and 3 position from the end, starting with eceadc43-ab42-4d93-bdea-8bc9e32e3297.msi – this is what hinders us.
This is the bosch vci driver, services and the PDU to work with the new multiplexer XENTRY VCI, if you use a brick, or SDConnect – nothing is lost.
Poke the right mouse before selecting the line, select in the drop-down selection DROP ROW, confirm.
After that, we write the modified installer back.
Running. Everything rustles and plows.

XDOS 2017.12 without errors like installation restriction or rolling back installation: