(Solved) Xentry SCN Coding Fault: 8.561.6113


Programming is success, but while SCN Coding processes, “Cal_comm_error” message appear and coding can not be done.

I tried 2018.7 ver. 2018.3 ver. and even old version 2015.9.
All xentry has same error.

Until last week those Xentry had no problem to do programming & coding.
I flash W204 ESP unit, W212 head light unit etc..

Control unit:


Error message:

SCN coding:

The coding could not be carried out. (Cal_Comm_Error)

Fault: 8.561.6113

The coding may be wrong. (00001)

SCN coding must be carried out again.

If the problem persists, please contact the User Help Desk.


Solution from A User:

After install AddOn 10069 to 2018.7, Coding issue is solved!
7G plate coding for W221 is done.

Now it seems OK.

Where can i find AddOn:

it should be automatic, run the following and report

c:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\AddOn Center\AddOnCenter.exe


c:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\AddOn Center\AddOnCenter.exe

Solution from Daimler:
if you see error while doing SCN for DAS cars its issue from daimler
and all you need to do download some AddOns.

Fault 8.561.6113
the coding my be wrong.(00001)
SCN coding must be carried out again.
The problem was solved by the development with the help of the following AddOns:

10067 for version 03/2018
10068 for version 05/2018
10069 for version 07/2018

To install the AddOn on the system, Xentry Diagnosis must be closed and the AddOns updated either through the Update center (kit3) or the AddOn Center (kit2)

After restarting the diagnostic device the problem should be resolved.

Tried it on few pcs it works.

Note: All three new AddOns 10067,68,69 contain one and the same fmmain .cnt ,..but adding it into old version DAS 0717,0917,1217 fixes SCN issue,but affects programing process!
Please test both,programing and SCN on old versions!

I prefer latest fresh versions,that they are able to be fixed automatically by the AddOn server!
Good luck!