Super MB PRO M6 In-vehicle Benz W205 All Modules Diagnostic Test

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Today, this article will help customers know exactly how to use Super MB PRO M6 auto diagnostic tool to perform In-vehicle Benz W205 All Modules Diagnostic Test.


SUPER MB PRO M6 diagnostic tool relieves the dependency on communication transmission cable during test, and greatly reduces restriction on testing distance. It adopts the framework concept of original C6 diagnostic tool, and is able to replace original MB Star C4.  Durable and easy to carry.


This is how Super MB PRO M6 diagnostic tool looks like.



You can connect it to PC via network cable or Wi-Fi.


We can see here is an indicator on the device.



This is OBD port for main cable.



This tool has same functions as SD C4, which mainly supports all-system diagnosis, online programming (An account is required), coding, new DOIP protocol Benz models, ECU upgrade, modification, etc.


Now we connect main cables to take a diagnostic test in car.

super-mb-pro-m6-in-vehicle-benz-w205-all-modules-diagnostic-test-4 super-mb-pro-m6-in-vehicle-benz-w205-all-modules-diagnostic-test-5


Detailed operation procedures:

Connected by Wi-Fi, open up Xentry app and select “Benz W205”.


After the car is identified, then the screen will notify the message of “The diagnosis application is being started…”

This part with square-sign marked will show how this process is being performed.

super-mb-pro-m6-in-vehicle-benz-w205-all-modules-diagnostic-test-6 super-mb-pro-m6-in-vehicle-benz-w205-all-modules-diagnostic-test-8 super-mb-pro-m6-in-vehicle-benz-w205-all-modules-diagnostic-test-7

Select “Initial Quick Test”, the data is being determined, please wait.

It will take about half of the minute.



Here will display all modules of your car that are being diagnosed.

Select “Start quick test”



The quick test is being performed…

There are 38 modules in this car that is being diagnosed. This process needs a little more patience.



After the completion of the diagnosis, it will come to “Saving the quick test result”.


Now all modules have been scanned.

“√” means the module works well, no faults;

“F” means the module has a DTC.

We can press “+” to view details about ECU info or DTCs.



Amazing JOB! This is how Super MB PRO M6 diagnostic scanner is being used for Benz W205 All Modules Diagnostic Test.


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