Foxwell NT510 (Schwaben) vs INPA vs Carly vs Launch M-Diag Lite

Looking for a BMW diagnostic tool (with coding/programming function), which tool better? Read hundreds of posts and found these, talked a lot when it comes to [...]

BMW Coding V3 Lite download on VM Mac, Win10/8/7/XP

2017 BMW Coding V3 Lite - Released!This version is a lite version of the V3 VM. It contains only a portion of software included with V3 and a few changes. It's [...]

How to install BMW INPA 5.0.2 Windows 10 64bit

where to download and how to install... Here you go. NOTE: I am NOT responsible for any damage YOU do to your car or computer.BMW INPAwill work with few [...]

Cheapest software option for BMW 740i E38 full diagnostic access

This post is to recommend BMW INPA/Ediabas OBD & ADS Interface to access all modules of BMW 740i E38. Car model and year: 740i E38 with the 20pin [...]

Guide to coding the BMW 330D steering angle sensor with NCSexpert  

  This post starts with BMW 330D steering angle sensor problem that after it replaced the 2 orange lights just keep coming back on. Then I was told to [...]
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