icom a2

BMW Battery Registration/Programming with ICOM cable

Programming and Registering are 2 different things. They use totally different equipment. So I needed a new battery because my old one was holding an 11.5v [...]

BMW E series Coding vs Programming

Here, we’ll talk about auto diagnostic, coding & programming issues on BMW E series. Do you have everything for your BMW E series? This is all you [...]

How to set up Router or DHCP server for BMW KOMBI and NBT programming

This is how to set up Router or DHCP server for BMW KOMBI and NBT programming with Enet e sys cable or ICOM A2 Ista-p. Why LAN cable connection better than [...]

2017 BMW ICOM B Coding/Programming Manual

BMW ICOM B Manual..Here you go. It will help newbies in BMW auto diagnostics and programming. ICOM B price: €89 ICOM B for [...]

How to do BMW coding to have fun

How to actually make your BMW fun? Here is a write-up about something  useful to every single BMW track enthusiast - electronic nannies. What are [...]

How to use ISTA/P to import an enabling code (FSC)

This the user manal to help import enabling codes (FSC) with BMW ICOM A2 ISTA/P Requirement - ICOM A2 + ISTA-P – ZIP archive file with: release [...]

How to update ICOM A2 firmware to V1.4

Here is the instruction on how to update ICOM A, A2 firmware to the newest version 1.4, with free download “ICOM A2 Firmware V1.4 BootImage Bin”. Free [...]
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