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ODIS-S 5.0.4 ODIS-E 9.0.4 Download + How to Install (FAQs)

Here is the latest ODIS S 5.0.4 and ODIS E 9.0.4 download link for you guys with VAS 5054A heads and the like. Free download ODIS [...]

VAS 5054A Infineon: 32F40F vs. 16F40F

I have both on 2 different vas 5054a heads, with different QC Mark labels on infineon. One vas5054a comes with 32F40F the other vas5054a comes with [...]

ODIS 4.4.10: 50% Chance with VAS5054A, Success with VAS6154

2018 latest version ODIS 4.4.10 released notes: working with VAS 5054a or 6154?   ODIS 4.4.1 Service incl. Postsetup 69.0.10 latest version [...]

How to do Gateway Coding with DOIS or VCDS software

Look here: How to do gateway coding to VW or other VAG group vehicles: - gateway coding purpose - odis gateway coding - vcds gateway coding in [...]

How to do VW/Audi Component Protection with ODIS software

ODIS Component Protection User Manual: What is Component Protection: Component protection is VWAG's (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini) way of [...]

How to do VAS5054A EDIC configuration 

To give power to vas5054a for the tests with edic configuration: you need to provide power to the Vas5054a either with car's obd port or with an [...]

(Solved) VAS5054A ODIS 4.3.3 ODS2522E “hardware not supported”

Device: VAS 5054A clone interface Software: ODIS-S version 4.3.3 Laptop: Panasonic cf53 Connection: Bluetooth Error message: After paring 5954A [...]

VAG CAN PRO Review: Flashing Successfully

I have in my hand for testing purposes vag can pro 5.5.1  with QC mark.. Not sure if I will use it since I have already enabled keyless entry. That was the [...]

Why cannot install VAS5054A software on Windows 10?

In a native way ODIS software it's not working on Windows 10 (with VAS5054A head). The "problem" is not with the drivers. If you install PDU alone on [...]

What for online/offline flash VAG ECU?

Q: VAG ECU flash, VAS 5054A head or VAG CAN PRO cable? A: Vas 5054a full chip good quality with odis-e (Vxdiag vcx nano 5054- a redesign of vas5054a) and [...]

VAS5054A ODIS-E Error ODS8024E when flashing ECU(Solved)

Purpose: solve ODS8024E error in ODIS-Engineering 6.7.5 for 5054a head Hardware: OKI VAS5054A unit, firmware version 1.20.37 Software: ODIS-S [...]

VAG-COM and VAS504A, which better for newer VAG vehicles (2010+)?

FYI, collect some tips for those looking for good interface for newer VAG vehicles (diagnostic + adaptation)...Clone is preferred. Original Rosstech cable [...]

Good or Bad VAS5054A AMB2300 Bluetooth Module

Took some pics of the amb2300 Bluetooth module on the VAS 5054A without shield so we can have a gander at the chips beneath Good (from vas 5054a [...]

VAS 5054A USB how to connect, install, use

VAS 5054A manual, esp. for how to connect, install, use 5054a via USB? Look here: When you use vas5054a via USB connection? In special cases you can [...]

VAG CAN PRO VCP 5.5.1 Review  

I have in my hand for testing purposes vag can pro 5.5.1 (SP275) with QC mark.. Not sure if I will use it since I have already enabled keyless entry. That was [...]

VAS5054A ODIS-S 4.1.4 Windows 7 Download Free

  07.2017ODIS-Service 4.1.4 download free on Mega:!kYMDQBSA!F1cke8phcqhpW2HhTYartQ ODISS [...]

VAS 5054A Firmware Update (esp. for bad BT module)

Here you go mate, what fantomel posted long time ago regarding VAS 5054A firmware update, incl. how to upgrade, where to replace firmware. First, THANKS [...]

VAS 5054A Green/Blue/White PCB, which best?

Which VAS5054A copy version is the best? With Green PCB? Blue pcb, or White pcb? VAS 5054A green PCB wins! Here you go. Vas5054a with blue PCB: [...]
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