VAS 6154

Review on VAS 6154 china clone

I've used vas 6154 head with odis 4.4.1 for a few days. Today, i'd like to share some experience with all. Here's my write-up. FOR SHARING only! I have [...]

VAS 6154 Wlan Setup Instructions

vas 6154 user manual: wireless setup   Step1: Input the fourth CD and open it and then install the vas 6154 driver Step 2: Open the CD [...]

How to do Gateway Coding with DOIS or VCDS software

Look here: How to do gateway coding to VW or other VAG group vehicles: - gateway coding purpose - odis gateway coding - vcds gateway coding in [...]

How to do VW/Audi Component Protection with ODIS software

ODIS Component Protection User Manual: What is Component Protection: Component protection is VWAG's (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini) way of [...]

VAS 6154 Wifi and VAS 5054 Comparison Table

VAS 6154 Wifi is different from VAS 5054 is Firmware, vehicle coverage, communication method, remote programming, and VAS 6154 Wifi share the same compatible [...]
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