How to install VAS5054A ODIS Windows 10 64bit

Possible to install VAS5054A ODIS on Windows 10 64 bit system? Replied by a fellow at the mhh forum: i don´t know if ODIS works on win10 because i [...]

How to install ODIS newer than 4.1.4 with clone VAS5054

Hello guys, i read a lot in this forum, how to use old VAS5054a with new versions of ODIS. The main thing i read about is to replace the PDU-API with the [...]

How to enable multiple brands in ODIS 5.0.4

ODIS 5.0.4 can work for all VAG brands? How to activate? Car: Passat b6 2009 CR Error: When im trying to test my passat b6 2009 CR I got [...]

VAS5054A Passthru Review

Here my VAS5054A Passthru results so far: VAS5054A with Techstream looks OK, have connection and can read parameters end do actuations. Only when i want [...]

How to do VAS5054A EDIC configuration 

To give power to vas5054a for the tests with edic configuration: you need to provide power to the Vas5054a either with car's obd port or with an [...]

Odis Engineering cannot be run under VMWARE(Solved)

Topic: VAS5054A Odis-E 7.2.2 can’t run under VMware? Question: When I try to run Odis-E 7.2.2 it says "This program cannot be run under [...]

VAS5054A ODIS-S 4.1.4 Windows 7 Download Free

  07.2017ODIS-Service 4.1.4 download free on Mega:!kYMDQBSA!F1cke8phcqhpW2HhTYartQ ODISS [...]

VAS5054A work ok with Toyota Techstream& Honda HDS

This is how to get the VAS5054A scanner to work with Toyota Techstream& Honda HDS as Passthru. Different Toyota and HDS install [...]

VAS 5054A Green/Blue/White PCB, which best?

Which VAS5054A copy version is the best? With Green PCB? Blue pcb, or White pcb? VAS 5054A green PCB wins! Here you go. Vas5054a with blue PCB: [...]

VAS5054AODIS-E OBD reverse dieselgate update

This is how to reverse dieselgate update on Skoda Yeti CR170 using VAS 5054A china clone with ODIS-E. Purpose: To reverse the EA189 emissions recall [...]

(solved) VAS 5054A PassthruNOT see VCI but works ok with ODIS

VAS 5054A is confirmed to work with Toyota Techstream and Honda HDS software; but when the passthrue driver is installed on windows 7 x32, the driver, does not [...]
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