volvo dice

Original Volvo Dice Bluetooth vs Clone Vida Dice 2014D (Green/Blue PCB)

Genuine Volvo Dice vs Clone Volvo Vida Dice Volvo Vida Dice which one to buy? A cheap clone one or an expensive original one? Volvo Dice better with the [...]

  How to install Volvo VIDA/DICE on Macbook Pro 13

This is a customer solution of how-to’s of Volvo Vida/Dice on Macbook pro 13 laptop. BIG THANKS for share. Copy here for education. "I have been mucking [...]

2014D Vida DiceCan’t Reset SRS Faults for Volvo V70(fixed)

This is about how to solve resetting problems about SRS fault-codes when using the 2014D Vida Dice diagnostic tool for Volvo V70. Car model and [...]

Volvo Vida Dice 2014D FAQ for Customers

Several frequently asked questions on 2014D Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool are provided here, in which customers can get more basic information about [...]
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