Three Best Cost-efficient Autel Middle-level Diagnostic Scanner

This article gives customers an in-depth review on Three Best Cost-efficient Autel Middle-level Diagnostic Scanner. Hope it can give some help.


1.Autel Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

If you’re looking for a high-quality Autel scanner at an affordable price, then the Autel MS906 Automotive diagnostic scan tool is for you.


The MS906 smart scanner performs advanced vehicle diagnosis and analysis like actuation tests, live data view, adaptations, and much more. MS906 is one of the best Autel scanners for professionals.



Technical Specifications of the Autel Maxisys MS906:

Features Autel ms906
Display: 8” LED-backlit glossy Multi-Touch capacitive display(1024×768)
Operating System(OS): Android 4.4.2
Check Engine Lights: Yes
Internal Memory: 2 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM
Oil Reset: Yes
Camera: Built-in 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and flashlight
Live-data: Yes
Views freeze frame data: Yes
Active Test: Yes
ECU coding, Injector coding: Yes
Smart Auto VIN technology for identifying vehicles easily: Yes
Real-time push message notifications: Yes
Vehicle Coverage: More than 80 US, Asian and European car
Software Option: 1-year free update
Warranty: One year Limited Warranty


The MS906 scan tool has excellent vehicle coverage of more than 80 car manufacturers. This makes it be suitable for professional use and for car repair shops. Apart from this, it operates at high speed with its powerful processor, easy to use and large touchscreen, great memory, and a powerful battery. You can as well take photos with the 8MP camera and share them with colleagues or clients. Another great feature of this device is that it is grease and water-resistant.


2.Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro OBD II Scanner

The Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro car scan tool may appear to be simple, but it is very versatile in performance. It combines both the functions of the MaxiCheck Pro and MD802 into one device.


Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Scan Tool:

Features Autel MD808 Pro
Works: All 1996 and newer vehicles
Processor: ARM® Thumb® Processor (400 MHz)
Memory: 32MB, 166 MHz
Display: 4″ LCD with 800×480 resolution
AutoScan: Yes
Connectivity: Mini USB: 2.0 Micro SD Card(16GB)
Read/Clear SRS,SAS,DPF,BMS,EPB,ABS Codes: Yes
View Freeze Frame data: Yes
View, Report, Graph, and Playback Live-Data: Yes
Print via PC: Yes
Oil Service  Reset: Yes
Battery Maintenance Services: Yes
Read Clear Transmission Codes: Yes
View Live Data: Yes
Read/Clear Engine Codes: Yes
Graph, Store & Playback: Yes
I/M Emissions Readiness: Yes
View Code Definitions OnScreen: Yes
Software Update: Free Software Update
Warranty: 12-month Warranty


Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro is robustly constructed and features a rubber case to withstand impact. Additionally, it has a large display screen with well-organized and clear buttons. The multilingual menu enables you to change to a language of choice, and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. If you’re a mechanic, this is a great scanner to add to our arsenal.



3.Autel MaxiLink ML619 OBD2 Code Reader

Autel MaxiLink ML619 is another quality scan tool from Autel. It features clearly labeled buttons and a large TFT screen for easy use. Beginners won’t have a problem using this device, and it is offered at an excellent price. The code reader is also well protected as it comes with a rubber covering that protects it from impact. In addition to the outstanding features, the device is also compact and can be easily kept in your car compartment—Maxilink ML619 is one of the best Autel scanners for the money.


Technical Specifications of the Autel Maxilink ML619:

Features Autel Maxilink ML619
Works: All 1996 and newer major vehicle
Display: TFT color display (320×240 dpi)
Views freeze-frame data: Yes
VIN, CALID, and CVN: Yes
Live sensor data: Yes
Oil Reset: Yes
Software Update: Free Online Update
Live data: Yes
Prints data: Yes
Warranty: One year warranty


The gadget is compatible with most 1996 and newer OBD2 and CAN vehicles. You can use it on car brands such as Volvo, GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai. Furthermore, the Autel scan tool is able to retrieve manufacturer-specific, generic, and pending codes. Other key functions that it performs include reading, storing, and playbacks live PCM data stream and live sensor data. The obd2 scanners also turn off MIL and ABS/SRS warning lights. Upgrade or update this gadget online for free.