Tips on PCMtuner Read and Checksum Nissan Altima ECU via OBD


Can PCMtuner read all these modules from Nissan Altima? Searched but not on the list. Tried and failed on a Nissan Rogue 2019.





The answer is yes, and here are some tips on reading Nissan ECUs


Which module to select?

4 different ECUs from Nissan, all could be done via OBD Module 18.

If it is an RH850 processor, try Module 27 first, then UDS Module 59.


How to do when checksums are not corrected?

If we know it is correct, checksum in software, and disable automatic checksum on PCMtuner Tool.

Checksums on different reading may be correct or not.

(e.g. Read one time 1MB and checksums are correct but tried again from OBD, it is 2MB and checksums are not correct)

Bad reading is not a must if checksums are not correct.


How to know if it is RH850 without opening ECU?

Read ECU, it will prompt wrong ECU selected.


Why Module 18 could identify most ECU but can’t read/ write?

Identification bases on CAN or K-Line OBD diagnostic, even wrong module can identify some ECUs.


Alright, those are some tips to read Nissan ECU using V1.27 PCMtuner.


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