Tool32 Esys delete FSC from CIC/NBT F-Models

How to delete FSC from CIC or NBT F-Models? This is what you could try, with Tool32 fsc completely delete and with E-Sys new play.

This procedure is for NBT… here you go

– Configure tool32 for enet cable.
– Open tool32 and load nbt.prg
– find job named like this: steuern_delete_persistency_intel_plus_swt
– write SWT in the argument box
– double click on job
– now select gps_position_repair with argument 2 and nbt will be virginized and rebooted

FSC repair code import/activate with Ista/p or E-sys software

Edit: This turns out to only work for NBT

This is for CIC F models…. here you go

– Connect via FTP with CIC,

– remove:




– replace /mnt/HBpersistence/normal/generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTController with Virgin one:


– Restart CIC.

– Done.