Truck Adblue Emulator 8 in 1 removal setup and connect procedure

Topic: how to setup Truck Adblue Emulator 8 in 1 removal and how to connect it to the trucks of Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault and Ford.

Let’s go

Truck Adblue Emulator use:

Cheapest truck adblue emulator 8 in 1 at the price of Adblue EU€20.50.

Truck Adblue emulator 8 in 1 software install/setup procedure

Open My computer

Open the Emulator 8 in 1 (F:) setup exe

Copy Black-Soft-V.8.0-2014-06-08.rar on the folder and paste it to the desktop


Unzip Black-Soft-V.8.0-2014-06-08.rar to the desktop

Install hardware wizard from a list of specific location (Advanced)

Browse and save file to F:/SYSTEM /VOLS/ Black-Soft-V.8.0-2014-06-08/ Drivers folder

Click Next


Select CANbus device, click Next


Click Finish

Open My computer>>Device Manager>>Port (COM&LPT)>>CANBus Device (COM4)


Open Black-Soft-V.8.0-2014-06-08 folder on the desktop

Open BLACK-SOFT-v.8.0 driver


Set COM Port as COM4 from the drop-down list


Then select truck vehicle maker among these 8 truck makers: Mercedes (MB), MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault or Ford.

Truck Adblue 8 in 1 removal connect heavy vehicles procedure

–Connect the cable to the modules and to the USB port on your computer

–Run the boost (stays on 1st status LED)

–Wait 2 LED turn to green on the 8 in 1 module)

–Disconnect the truck adblue removal module from the computer

How to connect the cable to the vehicle wiring?

–Remove the guse42 in the switchboard in the driver’s side

–Cut the two cables form the connector C103 34-pin (under the hood on the passenger side in the transition panel on the right)

–Connect the emulator plus (+) to the ends coming out from the cab

–Connect the emulator ground in any convenient place Spend CAN cable from the engine control unit (CAN connection point line 2-pin connector)


–Connect the CAN cable to the 8 in 1 emulator