VAG CAN PRO Review: Flashing Successfully

I have in my hand for testing purposes vag can pro 5.5.1  with QC mark.. Not sure if I will use it since I have already enabled keyless entry. That was the purpose of purchasing it but after I managed to flash with obdlink SX usb and SRT can-connect russian program it is a feature I will not test. The other reason was to get the radio concert 0350 firmware but clone version does not come with this, only original has it.
(RG3_ECE_0350.sgo (or the rar container RG3_ECE_0350.rar)
It was bought for self usage but it will remain in my luggage of not used diagnostics unless it is needed in the future. Also testing to see complexity and if it is worth to buy original.

It comes with the zdc file for enabling keyless entry and many other zdc parameters which I have no clue what they do. I have used VCDs for enabling all other options. VCDs can not flash or activate new parameters which are disabled in firmware.

Not sure if it can unlock used control units.

It can flash firmware (e.g. .sgo) but I know that vas5054a with Odis engineering is quicker. Also flash option is not available with VCDs.

It can function with and without usb dongle by replacing 2 DLLs. It needs usb dongle if dll files are not replaced.

Please post your questions and experience regarding this clone.

The original is much better, supported, tested, can download zdc and firmware through the manager app, and has version 8. The original VCP price is not bad (though postage cost is high), so I recommend it compared to VAS5054a however it can be used to complement VCDs i.e. to be used as an add on but not as a VCDs replacement.

Best value / usage (all perform the same as diagnostic)
1. VCDs (best for coding)
2. VCP (price similar to VCDs)
3. VAS5054a

Best for flashing firmware
1. VAS5054a and VCP

Best for calibrations:
1. Vas5054a
2. VCDs/VCP (VCP has some service functions automated with one click OCF)

Best for activating keyless entry
1. SRT can-connect (has more features which I have not tested). I will create a new thread on this.
2. VCP (not tested but I believe I know how, seems more complex since you have to select all 8 parameters for flashing, coupe 2 door vs 4 door selection)

VAS5054a cannot enable keyless entry even even with Odis engineering. Tried to save current parameters to see if I can modify keyless but in almost every control module it asks for a security code, so I cannot save existing parameters.

Unlocking control units:
1. VCP? Not tested but if it does it should be complex. First in case it does support this.
2. Vas5054a (Audi dealer)

VCP can add other parameters such as VIM but I only have radio concert so I cannot test this function. Can connect has some functions that resemble VCP or VCDs (but automated).

VAS5054a used with odis-S or odis-E
Odis-E can fix failed flash of control units unlike odis-S. I believe VCP has same capability since it can flash offline

VPC 5.5.1 SP275 good quality version has been tested (with the dll files) for flashing capability and has flashed successfully. Recommended for flashing.