Volvo VIDA 2014D NOT Displayed Communication Tool (Solved)

I installed Volvo VIDA 2014D full and already patch..but cannot show communication tool..example like this picture…but luckily, solved finally. Here, i’d like to chip in with my experience.


I have two identical installation of VIDA 2014D on Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. These PCs were built in late 2013 primarily for VIDA. I have always kept the software up to date (Java 8 update 144, .NetFramework 4.7, all Windows 7 updates, and all IE updates). The only problem I ever had was when I updated from IE10 to IE11. That didn’t work. At the time, I was paying Volvo to do downloads. Their support told me VIDA 2014 would not work with IE11. I switched back to IE10 and all has been well since.

My previous installation of VIDA, on Windows XP, did malfunction at times. With the help of Volvo support I got VIDA up and running. The normal Volvo/VIDA support team in the US was mostly useless. If there was a real software problem they only had one person that actually knew what was going on. The second time VIDA blew up on me I took notes when he resurrected VIDA. On my old XP computers I have used theses notes a couple of times. There was no short cut; I had to follow the entire uninstall procedure or it didn’t work. This is it:

1. Open Control Panel | Add Remove Programs
2. Click on Vida choose Remove.
3. Click on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 choose Remove.
4. Click on Microsoft SQL Server Native Client choose Remove.
5. Click on Microsoft SQL VSS Writer choose Remove.
6. Click on MSXML 6.0 Parser choose Remove.
7. Close Add Remove Programs
8. Open My Computer and browse to the drive where VIDA resides.
9. Delete the VIDA folder
10. Browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server
11. Delete the folder Microsoft SQL Server
12. Reboot the P.C and reload VIDA

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