Volvo Vida Dice 2014D FAQ for Customers

Several frequently asked questions on 2014D Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool are provided here, in which customers can get more basic information about instruction on operation and reviews.


Basic infro:

Newest version: 2014D

System: Win 7 Pro
CPU: above 2.0
Memory: 4GB

Multi-Language:Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese.

Function:control modules, SRS, generalsafety,brakes,airbag,engine as well as service and maintenance.

Vehicle:Volvo car from 1999-2014.


Q:When I install Volvo Vida software,it has anerror”Security OK but Vida notOK”. How to solve the problem?
A:You need install it on Win7 32bit computer.

Q: Compared with 2014A,what’s the feature of 2014D?

A: 2014D version adds more languages than 2014A.

Q:Does Vida Dice have the function of coding programming ?Is it possible to change the language in instrument cluster?
A:No, it is a full scanner for old and new Volvo car, but it cannot do program or change language.

Q:I’m using Vida 2014D with Dice, and I’m curious about in which module I can change the “Automatic locking by speed” feature?

A:You need to be able to read/write both DIM and ICM flash memories.You have two options. Either make the reload at local Volvo dealer or someone who has an autologic interface. You could also buy some interface that is able to read/write DIM but not ICM.

Q: When I use Avdi with Volvo Vida, I have problem to communicate with all modules in car.Some modules like ECU,TCUare not in networks, but I have connection with climate control, CEM and front doors etc.In network screen I have ECU and TCU red and a text no communication. Besides,I also have problems with Avdi software.

A:We know that Vida Dice is a J2534-2compatible, whereas Avdi is only a J2534-1 compatible, which causes no communication with all modules. I’m using a Vida Dice clone and my clone is full chip 1:1 as genuine one. I started with 2008 Vida versions and I was upgraded one by one to the 2014d version now.

Q: When I go Vida all-in-one after I input the password ADMIN, it does not accept anything.
A: Please install “Vida_patch”, after complete installation, restart the computer, then it will accept.