VXDIAG TOYOTA Techstream V15.00.026 Software Download and Installation Guide

Free download Techstream V15.00.026 Software & Patch and get tutorials of how to install for VXDIAG VCX NANO TOYOTA.

VXDIAG Toyota Techstream V15.00.026 Software download link:


Size: 219.1MB

VXDIAG Toyota Techstream Patch download link:


Size: Guide- 222 B & Toyota Launcher (3.5MB)

Note: The software and patch are applied to vxdiag scan tools. It is not tested on Mini vci j2534 cable. You are at your risk.

Compatible device: It can work with VXDIAG VCX NANO TOYOTA USB and Vxdiag Toyota Wifi.


Language:  Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, ect.

How to install VXDIAG Toyota Techstream V15.00.026 Software & Patch?

Step 1: Install Techstream_setup V15.00.026

Step 2: Install NET Framework 4.7.2 setup

Step 3: Install VX Manager

Step 4: Run Toyota Launcher

Files include:

Techstream_setup V15.00.026

Toyota Launcher

VX Manager


Step 1: Install Techstream_setup V15.00.026

Choose the setup language

Then Next…

Input the company name (i.e: 123)


Then Next…

Ready to install the program, click on “Install”

InstallShield Wizard has successfully installed


Step 2: Install NET Framework 4.7.2 setup


Note: If it shows “NET Framework 4.7.2 setup has failed”, just close the program to ignore

Step 3: Install VX Manager

Open VX Manager

Select “1-PASSTHRU-J2534” and “3-TOYOTA-Techstream”

Click on “Next”


Finish installing VX Manager

Connect to VCX-WIFI

Set the VCX- WIFI to “Work network” location

vxdiag-toyota-techstream-v15.00.026-download-6Open VX Manager to check the network and device connection status

VXDIAG VCX NANO has been detected

vxdiag-toyota-techstream-v15.00.026-download-7 vxdiag-toyota-techstream-v15.00.026-download-8

Step 4: Run Toyota Launcher

Run Techstream V15.00.026 Software

Connect to vehicle

Then select car option and click on “Next”


Then you can do any function which is supported, such as Heath check, customize setting, ECU reprogramming, CAN BUS Check.


VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA Connection Display (WIFI and USB):

vxdiag-toyota-techstream-v15.00.026-download-install-11 vxdiag-toyota-techstream-v15.00.026-download-install-12


VXDIAG TOYOTA Techstream V15.00.026 Software & Patch installation video: