What can you do with a fake VAS6154 china clone

VAS6154 Windows 10 tips and guides:


The VAS6154 Clone is a crappy VCX Nano which emulates a VAS5054A. So if you install ODIS you have to select VAS5054… It has nothing to do with an VAS6154.

What you can do now: 
Remove whole ODIS-S and if installed ODIS-E and everything called VAS or I+ME Actia installation, remove VCX Nano (Fake VAS6154 Drivers and Software),
over Software in System Settings, then reboot.

Remove Folders in C:\Program Files(x86) and C:\Program Files from ODIS-Engineering/Service, I+ME Actia, Softing, VCX Nano Software(e.g VAS?).

Then you can restart installation, don’t install ODIS-Engineering it will not work with this Fake VAS6154, you can not flash with it, you will fail.

Also use Windows 7 for ODIS 4.3.3 or 5.0.6. – In Win10 you can not choose anymore VAS5054 Interface in 5.0.6 Setup, maybe also missing in 4.3.3 Setup.

Install first ODIS-Service, select Standard Notebook/PC, Interface : VAS5054, completely with Launcher. After that install the VCX Nano(Fake 6154 Software and Drivers) and after that Start ODIS-Service and install Postsetup. Then it should work.

When you don’t remove the Software of the Fake 6154 Clone, you will run into the same problems as now. Once I had to install ODIS-S 2 times, because i didn’t remove the software of this VAS6154 Fake.