What for online/offline flash VAG ECU?

Q: VAG ECU flash, VAS 5054A head or VAG CAN PRO cable?

A: Vas 5054a full chip good quality with odis-e (Vxdiag vcx nano 5054– a redesign of vas5054a) and VAG CAN PRO with VCP can do it.


With 5054, ODIS Service is the “normal” diagnostic software. Without Geko account you won’t be able to do any updating/flashing.

So either need 5054, and purchase subscription from VW and use ODIS Service to perform these jobs. That is, you must have valid license and valid online account for online flash.

Or without subscription, need 5054 and ODIS Engineering and offline flash files. Odis 6.0.9, odis 5.0.14 or odis 3.0.3 should be ok……old OIDS-E is working fine with it..


For offline flash you must use the Odis Engineering. For online flash you must have valid license and valid online account.…….

Be careful when updating VAG ECU’s. It is best to read all relevant TPI when flashing VW cars, as some flashes require other work to be performed to work correctly, and not all flash files are appropriate for all cars/engines. TPI is the only source of information I know to check for this info.