Where to get the most detailed review of Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tool?


The Launch X431 V+ scan tool is another quality bi-directional scanner with excellent features and functions by boasting of a 10.1 HD IPS display that makes interpreting of results easy and fast. The scan tool has the ability to read and graph data for all systems in your vehicle. This is with the inclusion of air conditioning, navigation, wiper, and other systems, which absolutely makes it one of the best bidirectional scan tool for the money.



See the Chart below to get the Technical Specifications of LAUNCH X431 V+:


OE-LEVEL Advanced Functions (Newly added) Component Matching; Online Coding; Online Account Login Service; Online Calibration; Online Parameterization; Anti-theft IMMO Serivce; Power Balance; Programmable Module Installation; Flash Hidden Functions; SCN Coding
Vehicle Coverage Over 68 car brands and 220 car models from America, Europe, Asia;

Skoda, Opel, Citroen, Porsche, Rover, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Acura, Lexus, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Lincoln, Mazda, etc

Operation System Android
Software Update Option YES, 2-Years Free Update
Check Engine Light YES
View Live Data YES
Print Diagnostic Result YES
View Freeze Frame YES
Oil Reset Service YES
Tooth Learning/Anti-theft Matching YES
ABS,SRS, Body control module YES
Battery Register /Battery Maintenance YES
Wifi,Bluetooth YES
Full Systems Diagnosis + Active Test (Bi-directional Control) YES
ECU Coding + Auto VIN YES
Online Maintenance Resources YES
Guided Functions for VW and Audi Brands YES
Warranty Five Years


Furthermore, the scan tool can be utilized to perform several functions such as injector coding, DPF reset, BMS reset, Oil reset, EGR Adaptation, ABS bleeding, SAS reset, transmission reset, and gear reset.

On top of that, this is a durable scanner that will last for many years to come. It might take time to recharge, but the charge lasts for 8 hours. Also, it has an excellent storage capacity of 48 GB. With the 2 years free update, you will always have the latest software to diagnose the newest vehicle models.

Besides, you will also diagnose an extensive range of vehicles from all over the world. This includes American, European, Asian, Indian, Russia, and much. In short, it covers at last 150 car brands and 1000 car models。


Whats Launch X431 V+s advantages & disadvantages?



Large and bright LCD for a straightforward interpretation

Performs a broader range of functions

It is compatible with a more extensive range of vehicles

Reads and clears error codes

Fast and accurate

Excellent runtime of 8 hours

Turns on/off the fuel pump and cycling the a/c clutch on/off

2 years free update

5 years warranty



It takes a long period to recharge

Several users have reported trouble with activation and update codes


Prospect for its growing functions:

Accompany with continuous update of Launch X431 software and program, More functions have been added, including Head light Fitting, Seat Matching, Door and Window Initialization Study, Sunroof Initialization, Air Suspension Matching, Gearbox Matching, Injector Calibration, Multimedia Video Reset, Cluster Reset, Immobilizer Service, Tire Change Reset, (depending on the specific car models, not for all cars, ). In the nearing feature, more and more functions will be improved and optimized.

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