Xhorse VVDI BIMTOOL Pro Software V1.6.2 Download Free+ Function Display

Xhorse VVDI BIMTOOL Pro comes with the same hardware, software and function as VVDI BMW Tool, but also adds more advanced functions. More details can be found in XHORSE VVDI BIM TOOL PRO USER MANUAL. Here will share the newest software V1.6.2 free download link and the related function operation guide.


Part 1: Free download VVDI BIMTool Pro newest software V1.6.2


Size: 498 MB

Don’t need password! No risk!

O.S: Win7, Win8, Win10

Part 2: VVDI BIMTOOL Pro V1.6.2 software display

1.Language available: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Deutsch, Chinese


2.Key learn:

-CAS Information

-CAS Key Learn

-FEM/BDC Key Learn


-E/F/G Gearbox

-Exx/Gxx Program/Code


3.Special function:

-File Change KM

-Read ISN with ECU adaptor

-CAS Repair (EEPROM dump OBD)

-Unlock Key

->>Unlock with key info file

->> Unlock with CAS1 EEPROM

->> Unlock with CAS2 EEPROM

->> Unlock with CAS3 EEPROM

->> Unlock with CAS3+ EEPROM


-Transponder Read/Write

->>E- series transponder (HITAGZ)

->>E- series remote key (EEPROM)

->>F- series remote key (EEPROM)


4.Synchronize device time:

-Online synchronize


5.Update online:

-Upgrade Kit

-Update device firmware

-Update software

-BMW database file

-Latest update information

-History uodate information


Part 3: Program CAS4+ key by VVDI BIMTOOL Pro V1.6.2

Xhorse BIMTOOL Pro can greatly speed up the F/G Chassis programming via network cable. Here take CAS4+F series as an example.

1.Connect VVDI BIM TOOL Pro with BMW CAS4+ DME module by colored jumper cable, and connect BIMTOOL Pro to computer via network cable

2.Open Network and Sharing Center to connect the local network

3.Run BIWTOOL Pro software

Enter CAS Information function-> Select OBDII-Auto Detect-> Press “Connect”

Read out the current system and perform CAS key learning


4.Go to CAS Key Learn interface-> Select OBDII-BMW CAS4/CAS4+ -F- Series-> Press “Get Key Info”

Read out VIN and other info


5.Select “Unlock CAS4/CAS4+”

Note: It will take about 3 minutes to perform CAS4/CAS4+ programming function.

Please provide extra power to car before programming.

-If all keys lost, please press brake and open lights to active communication;

-If programming failed to power or some other reason, try again with unlock function. If can’t continue, please write cars FLASH and continue

After reading it, press “Yes” on the screen to continue

6.Recommend to use fast-mode to unlock CAS4 (Just need 3 minutes), there is low risk and support backup D/P Flash and exchange CAS4.

Just press “Yes” to continue


7.Start to read coding

When coding has been read out, then save the data


8.Connected to the CAS4+ and start transfer/receive until the process is done.


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