Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS Jeep Compass ID4A Smart Key Programming

XHORSE VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS professional key programmer has typical features summarized below:
1. VVDI Key Tool plus full version all in one security solution.
2. Global Advanced Version, combines all IMMO function of all VVDI Tools.
3. Support DOIP/CAN-FD/ CAN and K protocol switch pin/Chip pin detection/Toyota smart key programming without simulator/Long distance IMMO collection.


This article is to share the Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS tutorials on Jeep Compass ID4A Smart Key Programming.


Main Steps:

Tap Remote Program>>Select the model type and year>>Compass(2017+) KeylessGo ID4A>>Generate

xhorse-key-tool-plus-jeep-compass-key-programming-1 xhorse-key-tool-plus-jeep-compass-key-programming-3 xhorse-key-tool-plus-jeep-compass-key-programming-2


Go to

Immo Programming>>Jeep>>Select from model>>Asia>>Compass>>2017->>Keyless Go>>Start programming


Then it will appear this alerted massage:


Next, tap Program smart key, and switch ignition off, turn on the security warning light (double flash lights).


Please make sure there are no wireless devices near the smart key.


Now, it is matched and programmed successfully.

xhorse-key-tool-plus-jeep-compass-key-programming-6 xhorse-key-tool-plus-jeep-compass-key-programming-8 xhorse-key-tool-plus-jeep-compass-key-programming-7


It starts the car normally.



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