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KT200 Read Test EDC16C1 EDC17C58 EDC16C39 EDC17CP14

KT200 ECU Programmer is a master tool with OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG/BENCH mode. Here we will show you how it works on EDC16 EDC17 ECUs below: BMW EDC16C1 HONDA [...]

Free Download KT200 Software and ECU TCU Gearbox List

KT200 ECU Programmer is a master tool with OBD/ BOOT/ BDM/ JTAG/ Bench mode.   Language: English/ Italian/ France/ Spanish/ German/ Polish/ [...]

Fixed! SVCI J2534 Ford IDS V125 Module Programming “Selection not available”

One customer gave feedback that Ford IDS V125 did not allow him to enter Module Programming menu. He was using SVCI J2534, and the prompt is "Selection not [...]

All Info on Autel Ikey Universal Smart Key

Here is everything you need to know about Autel Universal Smart Key.   Part 1. Compatible Devices: Autel KM100 Autel IM508 with [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer Master Version Comparison and ECU List

New KT200 ECU Programmer Master Tool, with checksum calculation, is equipped with Car OBD, Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear [...]

V1.2.7 PCMtuner Software Update FAQ

V1.2.7 PCMtuner Update is released. Here we have collected some questions about this update, and hope it could help.   If you don't know how to [...]

How to Update and Activate V1.27 PCMtuner?

PCMtuner V1.27 is released, this article is aimed to help you update and activate new V1.27 PCMTuner Flash software. Free Download V1.27 PCMtuner [...]

How Autel IM608 Clone 2006 Ford Ecoline E-series Cluster?

Here we are going to show you how to Clone/ Swap a cluster from a 2006 Ford Ecoline E-series van using Autel IM608 Programmer.   Difference due [...]

Tips on PCMtuner Read and Checksum Nissan Altima ECU via OBD

Question: Can PCMtuner read all these modules from Nissan Altima? Searched but not on the list. Tried and failed on a Nissan Rogue [...]

Can Autel IM508/IM608 Generate IKEY Universal Remote Instead of KM100?

Question: Apart from Autel KM100 Key Programmer, can Autel IM508/IM608 generate Autel IKEY Universal Remote as well?   Answer: Yes, Autel [...]

V2022.06 MB SD Software Update DAS WIS Xentry Improved

V2022.06 MB SD Software Update Info: Fix display problems after language switch on DAS Update WIS and StarFinder EWA password changed from "123456" to [...]

Can Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC Clip Work with Other Programmers?

During BMW FEM/BDC Programming, a clip that can read eeprom without soldering is a good choice.   Yanhua FEM/BDC Programming Clip is designed [...]

CG Volvo Airbag Reset Tool Support Latest TMS570

New CG Volvo Airbag Reset Tool is designed for resetting Volvo airbag crash data in one-click without soldering and opening ECU, which could support latest [...]

Free Download MPM Plug V4.13.7 Software and Activation Instruction

MPM ECU&TCU Chip-Tuning Tool for GM comes with old v4.10 software, here we have the latest software V4.13.7 for you to choose, which works perfect with MPM [...]

PCMtuner Module 53 Clone Continental SIM2K-241 Pinouts and Steps

Purpose: Use PCMtuner V1.27 to Clone a Continental SIM2K-241   Module: Module 53 BSL (on Module 30 we can only get partial [...]

How to Clone GM 6L50 Gearbox by Yanhua ACDP Module 22?

Yanahua ACDP Module 22 is designed to work with ACDP Host to clone GM 6L/6T series gearbox without soldering.   Support List: 6L series: 6L45, [...]

V2022.06 MB Star Diagnostic Tool Software Activation Instruction Step by Step

V2022.06 MB Star Diagnostic Software is compatible with MB SD C4/ C5/ Super MB Pro. Super MB Pro could even support W223 C206 W213 W167 (need extra pay to [...]

Read/ Write EDC16C35: Kess, Ktag or PCMtuner?

Purpose: To read/ write BMW Bosch EDC16C35, try Kess, Ktag and PCMtuner, which is better?   Part 1.Ktag Model: Mini R56 1.6d Options: [...]

Fixed! PCMtuner Read 2012 Range Rover Denso ECU on Bench Identification Fail

Question: 2010 Range Rover DENSO ECU, trying to read and getting error at identification, it's on the PCMtuner [...]

Yanhua FEM/BDC Special Programming Clip for 95128/95256 No Soldering

Yanhua FEM/BDC Special Programming Clip is designed for pre-processing BMW FEM/BDC module.   Support FEM/BDC EEPROM [...]
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