JVCI J2534

Can Autel Maxi VCI V200 Be Used as J2534 Pass-thru Device?

Quick Question: Just saw on a website that v1.38 is released so he updated it and used as J2534…So I am trying to update Autel VCI 200 (this red one) so I [...]

VXSCAN ENET Adapter Test with XETNRY on Benz C206 OK

VXSCAN ENET Adapter, with WiFi and USB interface, is designed as a passthru device for BimmerCode, ODIS, ISTA-D etc. on DOIP cars including BMW, VW, [...]

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep New PCM Programming with WiTech2 J2534

Purpose: To program/re-flash a new PCM module for a RAM 2500 year 2015.   We’re going to use WiTech2 J2534 application, and the interface is [...]
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