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How to Solve VVDI Prog “Client DLL File Missing”?

When I connect vvdi prog with the computer via usb cable, the indicator light flashes, but when i connect power to it, the red light goes solid, and says [...]

iProg+ Pro Software Download + Problem& Solution+ Test Report+ Feedback

Iprog+ Pro clone is a comprehensive ECU programmer, which supports IMMO + Mileage Correction + Airbag Reset till the year 2019 Replace Carprog/Tango/Digiprog. [...]

Comparison: Autel XP400 Pro and XP400

Autel XP400 Pro is the upgrade version of XP400 key programmer. It adds more functions for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, as well as EEPROM reading. Works perfectly with [...]

Xhorse Mini Prog Chip Programmer All-around Review 2020

Xhorse Mini Prog is a new professional smart programming device to solve most portable chip programming problems for users. It works with Xhorse APP on IOS [...]

How to Solve Renolink V1.87 for Renault Cannot Get Interface Error

Renolink V1.87
Renolink V1.87 OBD2 ECU programmer for Renault “Cannot get interface” problem & solution is provided here.   Problem: My renolink [...]

iProg+ Pro Programmer Read 35080 & PCF79XX Chip No Issues

Iprog+ Pro clone is a powerful ECU programmer, mainly supports IMMO, mileage correction and airbag reset till the year 2019. With 35080/160 Adapter and [...]

Is it Possible to Solve Faulty Injector Coding by Renolink V1.87?

Can we code the injectors with the renolink V1.87? I had a p062F eeprom memory fault, I made dtc off and after this dtc off, there is another dtc which came [...]

How to Solve Iprog+ Pro Software Programmer Not Connected?

Iprog+ Pro
Problem: When I connect iProg+ Pro clone to pcf79xx adapter, and run v82 software, a message suddenly pops up “Programmer not connected” is shown as [...]

Orange5 Plus V1.35 USB Device Not Recognized Error Solution

Orange5 Plus
Customer problem: when I install V1.35 software for my OEM Orange5 Plus, I always receive the prompt “USB Device Not Recognized” and “Windows no pudo [...]

Kess V2 5.017 Ksuite 2.53 “External Exception EEFFACE” Error Solution

Customer problem: When I run Ksuite 2.53 on my kess v2 master, a message error appeared on the screen “External exception EEFFACE”. I tested with another [...]

MPPS V18 Read/Write/Reflash VAG 1.8T ME7.5 ECU via OBD

Hi everyone! This instruction will show you how to read and write 1.8 turbo Bosch ME7.5 VW Golf using MPPS V18 clone via OBD. Something to know [...]

How to Solve KTM Bench Unable to Use Selected Interface (J2534: Scanmatik – SM2 USB)?

I have this problem on my ktm bench. “Unable to use selected interface (J2534: Scanmatik - SM2 USB). Check if it's connected and not in use by other [...]

How to Solve iProg+ Pro V84 Installation Error with CD Driver Damage

Customer problem: I want to install v84 iprog+ pro software, but there is not anything appears on the CD driver. How to do? Solution offered by [...]

MPPS V18 Software Installation FAQs

MPPS V18 is a powerful ECU programmer which can offer general reading/writing operations and checksum, etc. With the newest software, it adds advanced [...]

Renolink V1.87 Renault OBD2 ECU Programmer Installation Guide

Renolink V1.87 for Renault ECU programmer comes with Renolink OBD2 interface and software CD. It supports ECU, Airbag and key programming. What’s new in [...]

KTM ECU programmer: V1.20 KTMOBD vs. V1.20 KTM BENCH

Discuss: 2020 KTM ECU programmers-KTM bench V1.20 and KTMOBD v1.20 –difference, vehicle coverage 1.KTM Bench V1.20 Newest V1.20 KTM Bench adds more ECU [...]

BMW AT200 V1.7.0 Read ISN/BACKUP/RESTORE Data on MSV90

BMW AT200 ECU programmer newest software V1.7.0 has optimized and upgraded software interface incl. wiring diagram display, font size, menu display, added [...]

Free Download AT200 BMW V1.7.0

Latest V1.7.0 BMW AT-200 has optimized and upgraded software interface, also added some engine types. Check the related software free download link and [...]

Can Iprog+ Pro Reset Airbag / Correct Odometer Without Welding Line?

Iprog+ pro is a comprehensive ECU programmer, it can be used on airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU and special functions. For some [...]

How to solve MPPS V18 Only Has One xc90 2.4d model Problem

mpps-v18-get-all-xc90 2.4d-models-solution
Recently, one of cardiagtool customer feedback that there are 4 xc90 2.4d models on the list, but when he used his mpps v18, only one model can be [...]
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