Free Download VVDI MB Tool V5.1.1 and Operation Guide

Customers click the download link to get the latest version of VVDI MB Tool V5.1.1:

Password: 123456


This software download is totally for free.


VVDI MB Tool V5.1.1 software is compatible with the Xhorse VVDI MB TOOL main unit and OEM MB ELV Simulator is used in this test.


Click VVDI – MB TOOL launch application>>EIS Tools>>Read EIS data

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Copy the EIS 207 204 password into the “Key Pass” column and save it in the responded folder you want.

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Switch EIS Function to “IR”>>Renew EIS>>Read EIS data>>Load EIS data

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Then, choose the VVDI KEY “bin” file and open it.



Switch EIS Function mode back to “OBD”>>Personalize W204 ESL



Come to “ESL Tools” and click “Read ESL data”, you can see the four options in the red marked area are now ticked up.

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