How to OBD read Mk6 PCR 2.1 with Kess V2

Confirmed: Mk6 PCR 2.1 can be read using kess V2

Tip from others. help me a lot

You can use chinese clone not reworked unit : fgtech v54 , ktag 6.070 , kess v2 4.0.36

But k suite is preferred to work on this ecu (kess or ktag) , ksuite seem to be more stable than fgtech on pcr but work too.
You can read by OBD…then unlock (ONLY ONE ATTEMP) when you ID the ecu it should show ecu unlocked.

Then flashing….better by OBD as sometimes you can not flash it on the bench…it gets to 99% and shows error on bench flashing…as it has to do something with the immo. So it is better and safer by OBD.

1. Read OBD…make your mod

2. Unlock in boot, on the bench…ONLY one attemp

3. Flash by OBD

Note that on ksuite tools , you can’t read or write with ktag , only unlock . (alientech need to work on it…)

with kess it’s ok , BUT , you can’t use the tricore module !

The trick to get communication error free on both fgtech and kess cable is to use a strong external psu .

when the tool id or read or write the ecu , the ecu will perform a kind of reset , and the big cap inside the ecu will go charging , causing a drop in voltage if your psu isn’t strong enough to handle it . THAT WILL CAUSE THE COMM ERROR . That’s the only thing you have to take care .

Upload photos: Kess 4.036 reading Mk6 PCR 2.1

kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-12 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-1 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-2 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-3 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1--4 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-5 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-6 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-7 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-8 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-9 kess-v2-4.036-read-Mk6-PCR-2.1-10