ThinkDiag Diagnose and Fix 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK- Class 350

How to diagnose and fix a Mercedes-Benz by ThinkDiag OBD2 scanner?

Car: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 Class


Device: ThinkDiag full-system OBD2 diagnostic tool



Guide& Tips to diagnose and fix Benz:

Plug the ThinkDiag device into OBDII port in the vehicle


Note: When you hear the beep and see the green light in the device, that indicates the device is connected correctly.

Have the key on the position

Here show a few functions that can do here.

There are two ways to get into the APP

Method 1: Go to ThinkStore and select the car software

thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-4 thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-5

Note: If you don’t have downloaded, you would select download. Otherwise, just select the software you want.

Method 2: Select “All Systems Full Functions”


It will automatically scan the vehicles

Here is the vehicle info found incl. car make, model, year and the VIN number at the bottom


Select “Next step

The vehicle VINCODE will appear on the screen


After got the vehicle information, select “Health Report


When it asks “Do you wish to carry out quick test?”, click “YES” to continue


It will enter system, and then switch on ignition


Start to scan the vehicle to check if there is any issue with any of the electronic components

Scanning each module

If the module that you want to test before the scan is finished, you can press the pause function that will stop the skin and give you the information


Then it will have the option to read the fault codes

Just click “Clear Fault Code” to erase all the errors

thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-13 thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-14

If you want to see the live data, select “Read Data Stream

Then choose the option you need combine

thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-15 thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-16

thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-17 thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-18

Finally, you can use the “Teach-in process” and activate the fuel pump to do different special functions.

thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-19 thinkdiag-diagnose-fix-benz-glk350-20