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Global TIS V40 and GDS2 Questions and Answers:


I’ve installed a Global Tis v40 and when I want to check info about newest cars I’ve got message “E4114: no data available”.

There is no GDS2 anymore after v32 you can take an account if you want


How can I do that? I want to start GDS2 from GlobalTis v40 but that doesn’t work. I can’t load new cars.

Yes in Global TIS v40 is no gds anymore, i think you installed over earlier version, Best latest working version offline is Global TIS V32. install 32, than tech2win, than install v36, take an account for gds2 only 120 euro a year, and tech 2 win you can still release from tis2web offline


I’ve installed Global TIS v40 and I want to launch GDS2 to get info about wiring diagrams in newest cars (Insignia, Astra J). But when I’m launching a GDS2, I’m clicking install to add a cars data and I got a message “File not found”.
Anybody know how to fix that?

First of all does not exist Globaltis v40. The latest Opel Globaltis is v38….
Also the GDS 2 not covers m8 any wiring diagrams or technical information……
Is the new diagnostic platform for cars from 2008 onwards………
For the wiring diagrams and technical information click and open the Service Information……….



Confirmed! In Global TIS V40, there is no GDS2 software, the latest version with GDS2 is Global TIS V32: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/gm-mdi-gds-2-gm-mdi-gds-tech-2-win-software-sata-hdd.html

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