Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool questions and answers on technical issues

VVDI MB BGA tool questions and answers:

Q: Can the VVDI MB BGA tool be helpful when all keys lost on the W204?

A: currently parts of chassis(W166, W246, W212, W212<old>) support online calculation for all key lost. about W204 you should change EIS with VVDI MB TOOL also ok.

Q: Can we use second hand BGA keys or not

A: No. With no tool.

Q:Can I program new BGA Mercedes remotes with VVDI ?

And second question can i renew ESL in W204 ?

A: you can get password from BGA keys and renew ESL , ECU , ISM , Gear …. for free

Q: I want to program a key to W207.I have bga working key 79 version. Do all operations by manual. last need to upload data. question – where to upload it? TO server?

it is safe. Because after all the action, the car started, and after a few seconds motor is stopped. key turns the instrument panel is turned on, but no starter. Clem remove for 5 minutes and the car started again. it is normal? and how I can pay account for password calculation? Please tel me what I need to do next. Thank you

A: friend,upload to server then will send you the password. as you write, not sure the exactly issue. buy tokens please contact your seller directly.

Q: Does it allso cost token for calculate older keys Motorola nec key or is it only bga keys ?

A: online calculation get password support all CAN line protocol EIS,about K line protocol cannot support online calculation. About old Motorola EIS you should remove EIS get eeprom,load to VVDI MB TOOL then prepare key file.

Q: VVDI read password of ezs 9s12,Hc08 when e key are lost via IR KEY or Obd or online calculate password without remove ezs? Read post 374

I know that VVDI read dump of these ezs but without password .

A: Friend, online calculation support CAN line protocol EIS,about Motorola EIS(9s12,HC08) need to remove eis and read eeprom(by VVDI PROG)load eeprom to VVDI MB TOOL then prepare key file.

Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool shortcomings:

  1. This tool is very good but the only problem is ELV. It dosn’t have any option to repair or write any used ELV

9th March, 2016 answer:

Currently if your ELV is damaged cannot support repair,need to change a new one.

ELV cannot support write function,need to renew EIS and personalize,then EIS & ELV will match.

  1. This device cannot actived the keys in 14EC and 15 EB status


My experience with xhorse – 9th March, 2016 update:

I’ve been using mehaco tool and noimmo tool and seriously now with the help of VVDI MB tool i bought it from www.cardiagtool.co.uk i can say i can cover all BENZ system, so now i m selling my mehaco ( MI ) and i will keep noimmo MBE and the serious money is coming from the VVDI tool, renewing EIS , ELV, ECU , ISM, GEAR all NO TOKEN FREE and BGA password only 1 Token and cheap. can anyone tell me which other tool can beat this ? with VVDI seriously u can make money. true there is still bugs in the software. But seriously from the tools we have in our shop how many who doesn’t have bugs ? How many it fails? And we pray for support. While in vvdi their support is second to none. Samic in the forum always ready for help and we see constant update on their tools. seriously i can say now Xhorse is on my top list of tools manufacturer and the best from my point of view, economical wise and performance wise from BMW to VAG to

Porsche To Prog to now BENZ.