Audi A3 MQB coding with VCP software: Done!

Here are examples to show you the basics of coding and the specific features of VCP software on a VAG CAN PRO cable.. Car: Audi A3 8V or MQB [...]

VAG CAN PRO Review: Flashing Successfully

I have in my hand for testing purposes vag can pro 5.5.1  with QC mark.. Not sure if I will use it since I have already enabled keyless entry. That was the [...]

What for online/offline flash VAG ECU?

Q: VAG ECU flash, VAS 5054A head or VAG CAN PRO cable? A: Vas 5054a full chip good quality with odis-e (Vxdiag vcx nano 5054- a redesign of vas5054a) and [...]

Multilanguage VAG CAN PRO SW 5.5.1 CAN BUS UDS K-line – VAS replacement

Multilanguage VAG CAN PRO SW 5.5.1 is designed for diagnosing and programming purpose on   electronic components in VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models [...]
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