How to Solve Alientech KESS3 Error 007C-0005-8000?

Quick Question:

When I connect Alientech Kess3 and it is sychronizing, it always gives error 007C-0005-8000 and cannot launch software app.




Here is the Possible Solution:

1)If every time you link the device for the first time, this error will appear during the synchronization process. The red light POWER will be on when you link the device for the first time (no external power supply is connected). When you open the software for synchronization, the power light will go out and an error message will appear.

The fault prompt in the picture shows that when you click Confirm without unplugging the USB, after waiting for about 2 minutes, the green data light will light up and the red power light will not light up. At this time, you open the software again, and the device can be synchronized smoothly and the device can be used normally.


2)If it doesn’t give me the error anymore but the software says “no tools connected”

Close the program and reinstall usb drivers.


*If the error remains, maybe tool or USB cable is broken, so open a ticket and send KESS3 back to Alientech


Done! Hope this could help!