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VXDIAG VCX NANO GDS2 Tech2Win Software Free Download

VXDIAG VCX NANO is designed to be compatible for GM Tech2Win and GDS2. Here we Cardiagtool provides free download link of VXDIAG NANO [...]

32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 ON SALE : Only 22.56 euro!

Big news!!! CARDIAGTOOL.CO.UK is having the 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS this month. All products get 6% discount automatically. 32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 is [...]

Tech 2 clone review: impressed with quality & capabilities (Cadillac, Hummer)

My Tech 2 clone finally got here. Took a few weeks to get it but it looks great so far. Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly lol. I was looking [...]

Should I buy GM MDI if I have Tech 2 already?

I have a Tech 2 scanner in hand, so is it necessary to buy a new GM MDI interface? I am using Tech 2 off [...]

Tech 2 China clone: Yes or No?

This is for anybody gonna to have a GM Tech 2 Chinese knock off for troubleshoot Reason for a Tech 2 clone: The price is reasonable around $350.00 and [...]

Read&Write bin to Tech 2 PCMCIA Flash: Memory Card Explorer vs Card Writer

Screenshot of MCE
There is a way to also use the Tech 2 itself as a Card Writer. I’ll explain this method. (It will allow you to write to 12V only Linear Flash Cards if your [...]

Tech 2 PCMCIA Card Review

You can find that the cost the PCMCIA liner of flash card for Tech 2 in China are very cheap, but whether it is good or not, it’s a choice. As I had [...]

Tech 2 review: working for for Cadillac and Hummer H3

My Tech 2 clone finally got here. Took a few weeks to get it but it looks great so far. Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly lol. I was looking [...]

GM Diagnostics FAQs (MDI, GDS2, Tech2win)

Good questions and answers of GM diagnostic test. Just share some i think good to share with you all. Hope it helps. Question: That screen does look [...]

How to use GM MDI interface for programming

GM has had its newest programming/J2534 Pass Thru device on the market for some years now. A lot has been said about it and I am here to tell you that I have [...]

Should I buy GM MDI instead of Tech 2 clone?

The Tech2 clone is definitely fine, but I think people looking for a good tool now should really look at an MDI clone instead. The Future of the Tech [...]

How to change RPO F45 option codes to Corvette’ with TECH 2

This details out what exactly is needed to add/change RPO option codes to existing 1997+ Corvette's, using a Tech 2 scan tool. These instructions will also [...]

Want a good Tech 2 clone, where to?

Thread: Looking for a HQ Tech II programmer (clone), should I? and where to? Would it be worth buying a Tech II programmer for advanced diagnostic ability [...]

Tech 2 Self Test: VCI, CANdi, Key pad, RS232

Tech 2 scan tool self test... here you go. Self Test 1: VCI Self test 2: CANdi Self test 3: Key pad Self test 4: RS232 cable How to do Tech 2 [...]

Gm Tech 2 vs EFI live vs HP Tuner

  Can HP tuners & EFI live do the same things as the TECH 2? what works better and has more control over all the computers settings? Hp [...]

72% off: LOWEST Price in Year 2017 at cardiagtool.co.uk

Nov. 11 is the biggest shopping carnival in China. To celebrate it, cardiagtool.co.uk offers the best price for you all.   You’ll SAVE A LOOOOOOT [...]

Tech 2 scan tool can reprogram PCM?

Discussion: Tech 2 scan tool can or cannot refalsh an ECM A: A TECH II cannot re flash an ECM. It is a diagnostic tool used to diagnose issues with all [...]

GM scan tool review: Tech2 or MDI?

Tech 2 scan tool and GM MDI interface are two populous diagnostic tools for GM vehicles including SAAB, OPEL, GM, ISUZU and Holden cars. So, which one is [...]

Low price GM scanners advice: GM Tech2, GM MDI and VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM

No matter a professional GM technician or a DIYer, GM Tech2, GM MDI and VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM will be your low price options. Following parts will list [...]
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