OBD2 Tools Error Solution

Reset TPMS with Autel MP808TS or Thinkcar2?

There are a lot of different TPMS reset tools on the market. In some cases, you will have to reprogram the sensors if they have lost their information and you [...]

How to install FORScanon Macbook Pro for ELM327

I have successfully got FORScan working for the latest mac os version sierra 10.12.1 using a macbook pro 2011 Firstly make sure you have the correct drivers [...]

WITECH VCI POD For Chrysler Light Flash Problem

WITECH VCI POD For Chrysler Light Flash Problem Hello. Just tried to install it. Software installed fine in windows xp, but hardware doesnt show up by [...]

FVDI ABRITES Commander Full Version with 18 softwares

I just want to purchase it (FVDI ABRITES Commander Full Version) and want to know upto which year of  AUDI it offers component protection ? What's [...]

VCMII Scanner Not Programming Error

Hello I just bought a VCM II , i had installed V86 software. But there is no communication between device and laptop and i can not do any [...]

SDP3 V2.23 VCI 2 Diagnostic Tool Patch Failed,data error

I have recently purchased a scania sdp3 v2.23 vci.2 Order serial no. 44151105188682 I must contact you in regards the code to activate Ref no. [...]
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