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OBD2 car diagnostic tool User Tips in CARDIAG.CO.UK

V2022.3 MB SD C4 Software HHT “can’t Run on PC” Solution

One customer gave feedback that he had V2022.3 MB SD C4 Software HDD but cannot run HHT software on his PC.   Here Cardiagtool engineer [...]

FLY SVCI J2534 Ford Software Free Download

SVCI J2534 is a PassThru device that is fully compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partly compatible with SAE J2534-2.   SVCI J2534 Ford Software Free [...]

BMW Motorcycle Scanner: MTDIAG M1 or OBDSTAR iScan BMW?

In this article, we’ll bring you two BMW motorcycle scanners: OBDSTAR iScan BMW MTDIAG M1   Let’s see the difference between [...]

How to Update BMW ICOM NEXT Firmware to V1.44?

BMW ICOM NEXT Professional Diagnostic Tool is the same as BMW ICOM A1/A2/A3, and supports all BMW software and fiber programming.   This article [...]

How VVDI MB Renew Mercedes Gearbox and Vediamo Code VGS?

In this article, we’ll show you the process of Mercedes gearbox renew and coding.   Tools: Xhorse VVDI MB MB SD C4 [...]

MB Star Diagnostic SD Software V2022.03 will Release Next Week!

MB Star Diagnostic Tool Users: MB Star diagnostic software will be updated to V2022.03 soon. Cardiagtool engineers are testing new software, and the new [...]

Super MB PRO M6 In-vehicle Benz W205 All Modules Diagnostic Test

Hey, come to meet again in cardiagtool official Blog channel. Today, this article will help customers know exactly how to use Super MB PRO M6 auto [...]

Launch X431 V+ Update Error Solution

I have updated all car software for my launch X431 V+, but when i use the VW diagnostic software V28.66, a message appears on the screen “Disaccording [...]

VCX SE Benz with all VXDIAG Software Installation Error Solution

Here share a problem and solution about 2TB Hard Drive with all VXDIAG software cannot be installed on PC for VXDIAG VCX SE Benz DOIP. Customer Problem: [...]

How to Use VXDIAG Benz DoiP VCX SE with DONET?

VXDIAG VCX SE for Benz features in the super remote diagnostic function. The device with DONet authorization can perform diagnosis, programming and coding, [...]

VXDIAG VCX SE for Benz All-around Review 2020

VXDIAG VCX SE for Benz is a professional diagnostic & programming tool for almost all Mercedes Benz cars from 1996 to 2020. The great function is that it [...]

HONDA Engine ECU Replacement by LAUNCH X431

This post comes with guide to replace engine ECU for Honda by LAUNCH diagnostic tool. It is applicable to Launch X431 PRO, X431 PRO3 and X431 [...]

Thinkdriver User Manual: Software Purchasing+ Activation+ Using Tips

THINKCAR 2  is a smart OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic tool which works with its unique APP on Android and IOS smartphones. It’s equipped with full pins and full [...]

Thinkdriver Cannot Read VIN Number Automatically Solution

Thinkcar 2
Thinkdriver (also called Thinkcar 2) is a portable and cost-effective OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic tool. It supports powerful diagnostic and reset functions for [...]

Free Download Renault Can Clip V200 (Mega)

Can Clip V200 software
Free download the newest Can Clip V200 software for your Renault diagnostic tool.   Renault Can Clip 200 new features: -Diagnosis help button in [...]

SVCI ING Nissan “This function is not unlocked yet” Solution

Question:  Does SVCI ING only can perform diagnosis function? I have registered an account and login successfully on BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic software. I [...]

V06.2020 MB SD C4/C5 XENTRY Software Activation, IP Setting

Newest Mercedes Benz Xentry software V2020.06 has been tested 100% working with MB SD Connect C4/C5 on Win7 and Win10 without any issue. In this article, you [...]

How to Solve Scania SDP3 V2.44.1 “No valid key could be found”

When I install the newest scania vci3 software V2.44.1, an error message suddenly pops up “No valid key could be found. To start SDP3 with limited [...]

VXDIAG TOYOTA Techstream V15.00.026 Software Download and Installation Guide

Free download Techstream V15.00.026 Software & Patch and get tutorials of how to install for VXDIAG VCX NANO TOYOTA. VXDIAG Toyota Techstream [...]

How to Solve SVCI ING Unregistered, or License Expired Error

When I use SVCI ING, an error message suddenly pops up “Unregistered, or license expired. 2018.5.11”. It also prompts me to connect Bluetooth, but I have [...]
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