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How to solve Renault CLIP V184 V185 RLT2002 connection problem (ori or clone)

renault can clip1
Hello everyone For those who have a connection problem with interface RLT2002 (ori or clone Renault CANCLIP interface) You must modify 2 files in version [...]

How to configure eCOM to work with Xentry for DOIP

I want help to configure eCOM to work with Xentry 7/18 enabling DOIP Code: C:\Program Files [...]

(Solved) John deere license is invalid or has expired

i followed this steps for licence: 1. Run c:\Program Files\ECULP\ECULPINIConfig.exe 2. Get HostID from Security tab 3. Copy jdlm.lic to c:\jdlm\jdlm.lic [...]

How to install VAS5054A ODIS Windows 10 64bit

Possible to install VAS5054A ODIS on Windows 10 64 bit system? Replied by a fellow at the mhh forum: i don´t know if ODIS works on win10 because i [...]

Step to setup E-sys to use with ICOM Next

Esys definitely works with ICOM NEXT. This is what I followed. Just lock it with EasyConnect, obd_ab625 and then insert your ICOM IP in ESYS connection [...]

How to install ODIS newer than 4.1.4 with clone VAS5054

Hello guys, i read a lot in this forum, how to use old VAS5054a with new versions of ODIS. The main thing i read about is to replace the PDU-API with the [...]

Porsche PIWIS 3 V37.900 Download: FREE & Tested Version

Free download original Porsche PIWIS 3 V37.900 SD card:!o1E1DYZC!tQ47l88FfvleQU-28CucaEsCvgtureM8FbFKRR_dXd0 - support for any version [...]

How to config d-pdu api to use vas5054a in Windows 10?

Is there a way to use chinese VAS 5054 on Windows 10 machine? This is how to configure d-pdu api to use vas5054a in Windows 10 I believe you need to [...]

Porsche Piwis II 18.100 download FREE + How to install

Free download Porsche Piwis II 18.1000 software: Tested version: for safe of security, you're advised to use the tested [...]

Possible to use BMW ISTA for Mini R56? How to setup?

Confirmed! you can use BMW ISTA-D and ISTA-P for Mini R56 diagnostics and programming. If Mini R56 is in the F-series category then: Try this [...]

Clone VAS6154 reviews

Clone VAS6154 reviews: Clone vas6154= Odis offline vas 6154 clone will never work with odis online. Only oem SN of 6154 will work with odis online, [...]

Ford IDS special functions: Enabled! (attached how-to’s)

Ok, just had a play and i managed to get to enter the code (here: 60274) to enable and activate Ford IDS special functions I found where IDS stores these [...]