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OBD2 car diagnostic tool User Tips in CARDIAG.CO.UK

Clone VCM2 Ford IDS 111 Update: Issues & Solutions

Issues: VCM2 doesn't connect to the PC anymore. Hardware: VCM2 clone (not VXDiag VCX Nano Ford) which has worked fine Software version [...]

ODIS 4.4.10: 50% Chance with VAS5054A, Success with VAS6154

2018 latest version ODIS 4.4.10 released notes: working with VAS 5054a or 6154?   ODIS 4.4.1 Service incl. Postsetup 69.0.10 latest version [...]

Subaru SSM iii Windows XP/7/8/10 download, install, review

04.2018 Subaru SSM iii software download free:!pN9ggQSY!gFiAOun7DM_32_-MuQiUBACIhvy0Os-wUw1UZdanSbE Version: 04.2018 Password: NOT [...]

How to reprogram Nissan ECU in a cost-effective way

Look here: Nissan ECU reprogramming with Consult 3 (Plus) genuine and china clone Reprogramming an outdated ECU is cheaper, quicker and more efficient than [...]

How to add parameters for BMW Single ECU Programming with ISTA Expert Mode

Parameters and tips for you guys to add for BMW single module programming with Rheingold Expert Mode: Parameters: Try Single Ecu Programming with [...]

How to enable coding/programming in ISTA-D

Here’s a bit dirty contribution of how to make ISTA-D work for BMW coding/programming. Add the following at your own risk to: C:\Program Files [...]

ISTA/P cannot work with BMW F/G/I series since ISTA/P 3.62.0?

Release Notes ISTA-P_3.63.3_4.09.1x: F, G and I series (will be switched off gradually from ISTA/P 3.62.0 on) (that means that no partial programming for [...]

Where to buy auto diagnostic tools with TAX FREE?

Auto scan tools with Tax or Duty FREE, where to: Items here are shipped from the warehouse in [...]

FVDI 2014 review: what works & what NOT works?

FVDI 2014 review: I bought a v2015 FVDI Fiat from (now three years ago. But now I’ve reflashed it using a CP2102 [...]

Mini VCI + Techstream add a USED smart key to Toyota RAV4 2010

I received my MINI VCI cable from and I added a used Smart Key using Techstream and a [...]

Otosys IM100 learned keys to Audi Q5 2011

This is an AuroDiag Otosys IM100 test with Audi Q5, updated on 26-09-2018.   Done by   Tested with Audi Q5 the [...]

Ford IDS 110 review: 2011 Ranger/Mazda B series/Troller 2.2L – diagnosis all ok

Ford IDS 110 install - I see this solution on internet as attacked file. Everyone can try and confirm the result. Hope it can help someone! Here is the [...]