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OBD2 car diagnostic tool User Tips in CARDIAG.CO.UK

HHT-WIN changes temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsiu

This is how to use HHT-WIN to change the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Mercedes 1997-1999 models, for those would like the outside temperature display [...]

How to OBD reset BMW EGS 8HP with OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS

Confirmed! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS is verified to program ECUs to BMW and GM without issues. BMW EGS is tested! X300DP PLUS is able to reset EWS in BMW EGS [...]

BMW Battery Registration/Programming with ICOM cable

Programming and Registering are 2 different things. They use totally different equipment. So I needed a new battery because my old one was holding an 11.5v [...]

(Solved) Micropod 2 “Device is not registered”

Micropod 2 Tech Support: “Device is not register” Hardware: Micropod 2 china clone Software: wiTech 17.04.27 Error message: “Registration is [...]

SDconnect C4 RAM and FLASH Error & Solution

i want to share the pictures of the pcb board from my SD connect C4 and tips of PCB fix from folks in a forum. the problem with SDconnect is that self test [...]

(Solved) Nissan Consult 3 Plus software does not support this PC

I get message "software does not support this pc" when using Nissan Consult 3 Plus   Luckily...Problem solved. everything is working, I have [...]

Functions of V2018.09 MB SD C4 Software

V2018.09 MB SD C4 is the newest version software of MB C4 SD star. Software install in SSD which is faster than normal HDD. It can work fast and stable on WIN [...]

VXDIAG Multi Tool MB & BMW – Good or Not?

VXDIAG Multi Tool for MB & BMW for sale: SD connect [...]

Read&Write bin to Tech 2 PCMCIA Flash: Memory Card Explorer vs Card Writer

Screenshot of MCE
There is a way to also use the Tech 2 itself as a Card Writer. I’ll explain this method. (It will allow you to write to 12V only Linear Flash Cards if your [...]

Free Download JLR SDD Patch 2018

Free download JLR SDD Patch 2018 to register SDD software from the dealer, including the latest version 154. JLR SDD Patch download: Link 1 [...]

EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Diagnostic Tool Update Guide

  TabScan S8 is a newest capable auto diagnostic tool, even that you need update it to adapt optimized functions. This instruction may help you to [...]

Tech 2 PCMCIA Card Review

You can find that the cost the PCMCIA liner of flash card for Tech 2 in China are very cheap, but whether it is good or not, it’s a choice. As I had [...]