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OBD2 car diagnostic tool User Tips in CARDIAG.CO.UK

New Mercedes SD C4 Support DoIP Review: Highlights+ Car list

Big news!!! Cardiagtool released a new diagnostic scanner-MB SDconect C4 plus yesterday. It should be the best Benz DOIP diagnostic tool. Here share more [...]

How to use FVDI 2018 to change Golf 6 2012 dash

How to change dash to Golf 6 2012 by FVDI 2018? Here is the step-by-step guide with you. Prepare: Golf 6 2012 dash FVDI V2018 ABRITES [...]

2 in1 Brake Fluid and Tire Pressure Tester: Highlights & Notes

2-in-1-brake-fluid- and-tire-pressure-tester
2 in1 Brake Fluid and Tire Pressure Tester is coming! CARDIAGTOOL.CO.UK releases this new detector today. Here shares the details with you. What is 2 [...]

Ford UCDS Pro UCDSYS+ UCDS V1.26.008: Free Download+ Car List

ford-ucds-pro-ucdsys-ucds-v1.26.008- free-download-car-list-1
UCDS Ford Diagnostic adapter, Ford UCDSYS with Ford UCDS V1.26.008 full function type software support special functions VBF LOADER, UPDATE WIZARD, DIRECT [...]

How to install VCM IDS 3 Ford IDS Software

Fly VCM IDS 3 Customer Feedback that: It can't install Ford IDS Software, the error as the following picture shows: :   How to sovle and [...]

32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 ON SALE : Only 22.56 euro!

Big news!!! CARDIAGTOOL.CO.UK is having the 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS this month. All products get 6% discount automatically. 32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 is [...]

Vida Dice 2015A for Volvo 1999-2017: Functions+ User Tips+ Car List

Vida Dice makes auto diagnosis and troubleshooting possible, and helps download software. Vida Dice 2015A has been tested can work for Volvo cars from 1999 [...]

MB SD C4 Software Update to V2019.7

MB SD Connect Compact C4 C5 HDD Super Engineer Software  Newest Update to V1019.7. V2019.7 MB SD C4  Software includes: Xentry 07.2019 DAS [...]


MDI scan tool is the Multi Diagnostics Interface. It supports all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017, which is without software. Here share more [...]

How to read the 1B/DE file with E-sys for E/F series

Look here: How to read the 1B/DE file with Esys software. (Also applies to the file 1B) connect esys to the car, and open FSC-exented, and compiled as in [...]

XTUNER PT101 Circuit Tester vs. Autel PowerScan PS100

XTUNER PT101 and Autel PowerScan PS100 are both electrical system diagnostic tools. What’s the difference between them? Which is better?   [...]

Tech 2 clone review: impressed with quality & capabilities (Cadillac, Hummer)

My Tech 2 clone finally got here. Took a few weeks to get it but it looks great so far. Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly lol. I was looking [...]

Latest Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass V2018

Here share the latest details of Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-V2018. Latest information of Access J2534 Pass-Thru Device 1.Software Version: [...]

VCM 2 PCB Silver vs. Gold vs. Copper

The VCM2 quality is not a matter of PCB colour, but lots of people wanna know more. Here's something from pros (dstirrup and MrPhil) I just wanted to [...]

OTC Plus 3 in 1 OBD Scanner Review: Good for Nissan/ Toyota/ Volvo

OTC Plus 3 in 1 GTS TIS3 OTC Scanner is coming. It is a new professional diagnostic programming device For Nissan Toyota Volvo, which can support offline [...]

How to setup Tech2Win + SDS on Windows 10 64 bit

Here are tips and guides of Tech2Win + SDS Windows 10 64 bit setup for VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Tech2Win: Putting Tech2 win into win 7 compatibility mode [...]

What can you do with a fake VAS6154 china clone

VAS6154 Windows 10 tips and guides: The VAS6154 Clone is a crappy VCX Nano which emulates a VAS5054A. So if you install ODIS you have to select [...]

How to install Ford IDS 112 Windows 7 for VCM2 clone

Tips and guides for you to install VCM2 Ford IDS V112 on Windows 7: 1.Ford and Mazda IDS software cannot be installed on the same computer at the same [...]