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How to Install/Replace Cutter & Probe on New 2M2 Magic Tank?

New 2M2 Magic Tank also called 2M2 Tank key blade maker. It comes with more cutter/probes. Check the related cutter/probe list and guide to [...]

2M2 Magic Tank Cut Lexus TOY48 AKL by Search Code Successfully

Problem: How to use 2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine to cut new key for Lexus TOY48 when all keys lost? Cardiagtool.co.uk solution: You can [...]

2M2 Magic Tank Hyundai Car Key Full List+ How to Use

M2 Magic Tank is a professional automatic car key cutting machine for locksmith. Here mainly share the guide to cut Hyundai car keys. 1.2M2 Magic Tank Key [...]

2M2 Magic Tank Cut KIA TOY40 All Keys Lost

2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine can work for KIA plain milling and end mill internal tooth keys. This article mainly shares the guide to cut KIA [...]

NSN14 Key Cut by 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Key Cutting Machine

2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine supports a larger number of European, American, Japanese and Korean cars. Nissan is one of them. Here share how to use 2M2 [...]

SEC-E9 VS Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine

Alpha key cutting machine is the newest all in one automatic key cutting machine for standard keys, laser keys and dimple keys in the international market. [...]

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Review

Today I’d like to share the automatic car key cutting machine-2M2 Magic Tank i bought at cardaigtool.co.uk. Cost & package: 2m2 magic tank cost [...]

How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 key database

This article is available with the operation guide to use key database on Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 when all keys lost. There are three ways to make keys from [...]

How to use 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine to cut VW HU66

How to cut Volkswagen’s HU66 key directly by 2M2 Magic Tank automatic car key cutting machine? Here is the relevant operation video and step-by step [...]

2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine test report: 100% tested

2M2 Magic Tank automatic car key cutting machine can be used for European, American, Japanese and Korean vehicles via Bluetooth on Android phone without [...]

SEC-E9 key cutting machine calibrates single -sided key clamp, works perfectly

How to use SEC-E9 key machine to calibrate single-sided key clamp? Here is the step-by-step guide for SEC-E9 owners. Step 1: Calibrate automobile key [...]

SEC-E9 key cutting machine Vehicle Support List Review

SEC-E9 automatic key cutting machine is confirmed to be able to do key decoding and cutting for Volkswagen Group motor vehicles incl. Volkswagen Passenger [...]

Condor XC-Mini M2 Clamp Manual

Condor XC-Mini M2 Clamp user manual for newbies... incl what M2 Jaw is, what kind of keys can be used for, how to use M2 Jaw to cut keys with Condor Mini, [...]

M1 Clamp Manual: What Keys used for + How to cut with Condor Mini

Condor Mini Clamp M1 user manual: The M1 Key Clamp is used for all “Outside Milled” keys. The four-track Honda HO01 key would be an [...]

How to Cut Dimple Keys With Sec-E9 CNC Automatic Key Machine

SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Machine can cut various key including automobile keys, motorcycle keys, dimple keys etc. It’s easy to work out and has a light [...]

SEC-E9 key cutting machine enter Toyota TOY43 key data

It’s a tutorial aimed to help enter Toyota TOY43 key data using SEC-E9 key cutting machine. Toyota TOY43 key There are two ways to enter key data with [...]

SEC-E9 key cutting machine cuts VW HU162T: Success!

SEC-E9 key cutting machine is updated! Now, new data of VW HU162T is added. You can cut VW HU162T using SEC-E9 cutter. Upload images... Attach a [...]

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini update to 4.0.4

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini update to [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE & VW 4th immo 35xx all keys lost

Lonsdor-K518ISE-Engineering-Mode (5)
Tutorial: How to use Lonsdor K518ISE Engineering Mode for VW 4th immo 35xx all keys lost   Lonsdor K518ISE Engineering Mode: Read data, make [...]

72% off: LOWEST Price in Year 2017 at cardiagtool.co.uk

Nov. 11 is the biggest shopping carnival in China. To celebrate it, cardiagtool.co.uk offers the best price for you all.   You’ll SAVE A LOOOOOOT [...]
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