Comparison & Suggestions for buying between VIDENT ISMART807PRO and LAUNCH X431 CRP909

VIDENT ISMART807PRO professional diagnostic tool (Item NO. HKSP372) aims to offer comprehensive system coverage for a vast array of car manufacturers. [...]

Vident Tools Comparison: iLink410 vs iLink440 vs iLink450

Today's updated article basically makes specific comparison and analysis between Vident iLink410, Vident iLink440 and Vident iLink450, hoping to provide [...]

Vident iAuto702 Pro Special Functions On 2007 2.0 TDI Passat

Got feedback from customers worldwide, especially European areas, they are looking for a tool that can do basic diagnosis and special functions for car [...]

How to Register & Do Software Update on Vident iLink400/450/410 Step by Step

Here in this article would introduce the step-by step method on registering and software updating on Vident iLink400/ iLink450/ iLink410 professional scan [...]

VIDENT iAuto708 Tutorial: Read Codes/Erase Codes/Freeze Frame Data

This article aims to tell the customers how to use VIDENT iAuto708 to Read Codes, Erase Codes and check Freeze Frame Data.   Before that, let’s [...]

VIDENT iAuto702 Pro/iAuto708/iAuto700 Scan tools: Registration & Software Update

This article is gonna share all the customers the step-by-step procedures of Registration & Software Update on VIDENT iAuto702 Pro/iAuto708/iAuto700 Scan [...]

Solved! Vident iLink450 “The Selected Function is Not supported”

Vident 2
Problem: I want to use Vident iLink450 to do DPF reg gen function for my Peugeot 2005 407, but a message propmted "The selected function is not supported" as [...]

2010 Jaguar XF Oil Service & Battery Reset by Vident iAuto702 Pro

Purpose: Check if Vident iAuto702 Pro can reset oil service and battery for Jaguar XF 2010 or not All need: Car: 2010 Jaguar X250 XF (Engine: 3.0L [...]

Vident iAuto 702 Pro reset electronic throttle sensor for SEAT LEON 2013

Vident iAuto 702 Pro reset electronic throttle sensor for SEAT LEON 2013   Procedure: Back to Application main menu and select “TPS [...]

VIDENT iLink400 BMW Test Report: Read & Erase Codes + Car List

Vident ilink400 is a full system single make scan tool covering American, Australian, European and Asian cars. This article mainly share the newest test [...]

VIDENT iAuto 702 Pro Diagnostic Functions Introduction

This post comes with the diagnostic operations about VIDENT iAuto 702 Pro. 1.Read Codes 2.Erase Codes 3.Freeze Frame Data 4.ECU Information 5.Live [...]

VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Opel Special Function Full Car List (Confirmed!)

Look here: This is the latest Vident iAuto702 Pro special function list for Opel including Oil service light reset, Brake Pad Replacement, Steering Angle [...]

VIDENT iEasy300 OBDII Code Reader Review

Today i’d like to share my experience about Vident ieasy300 CAN OBDII code reader. ieasy300 cost me  €31.00 free shipping at cardiagtool.co.uk. It’s [...]

VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Review: Reset Oil Light & EPB for Benz E200L 2018

I have a 2018 Mercedes-Benz E class E200L (W213), and I bought a vident iauto702 pro to reset oil and EPB for it, all worked great. In this post I’d like [...]

VIDENT iAuto702 Pro User Manual: Registration, Update

VIDENT iauto702 pro is a cost-effective professional multi-application service tool that delivers at least 19 maintenances covering ABS and SRS diagnosis for [...]

VIDENT iLink400 Read/ Erase Codes on 2006 Land Rover Freelander2

Vident iLink400 is a cost-effective professional multi-system scan tool. It not only can do basic functions such as read/erase codes and live data, but also [...]

VIDENT iEasy320 OBDII Code Reader Review: Functions + Update  

Here introduce a new code reader released at CARDIAGTOOL.CO.UK. It is VIDENT iEasy320, a portable CAN OBDII/EOBD code reader for professionals and [...]
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