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Fixed! Launch X431 PRO5 BMW Headlamp Coding System Error

One customer gave feedback that his Launch X431 PRO5 Tablet showed this error. He replaced headlamp module in BMW f10 2016 STML& STMR but cannot find the [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Launch X431 ADAS License

One customer asked where is the ADAS menu in his Launch X431 VII Elite. Have activated ADAS software from backstage but the tablet still asks for [...]

Launch X431 PAD V Elite vs. X431 PAD VII Elite

One customers asked about the difference between Launch X431 PAD V Elite and Launch X431 PAD VII Elite. Generally, PAD VII Elite has better firmware than [...]

How to Solve Autel ADAS Calibration “Pre-scan Report status”?

Quick Question: I have an Autel MS909 Tablet with Autel ADAS License, and I keep getting vehicle's with pre-scan report. How do I get past this screen with [...]

Launch X431 PAD Series Online Programming Vehicle List

Quick Question: Does X431 PAD VII Elite supports online programming? What vehicles it supports, and if there is IP restriction on online programming [...]

OTOFIX D1 vs. D1 LITE vs. D1 MAX vs. D1 PRO vs. D1 Ultra

Quick Question: What is the difference between OTOFIX Diagnostic Tools.   Here is the Answer, OTOFIX D1 Comparison Chart: Item D1 [...]

X431 PAD VII vs. PAD V vs. PRO3 LINK vs. PRO3 SE

One customer wonders what is the difference between Launch X431 PAD VII and PRO3. So, here we are going to show you different Launch X431 Intelligent [...]

How to Activate Launch X431 Diagnostic Tablet IMMO Function?

For Launch X431 Diagnostic Tablet users, there is no need to buy another IMMO tablet, since XPROG-3 Programmer and IMMO Software License would activate full [...]

How to Activate Autel IM608 II Nissan Security Gateway Function?

One customer asked how to activate Nissan ECU gateway on its Autel IM608 II. Not shows authorization icon after unlock. Users need to pay to [...]

How to Use Autel Tesla Diagnostic Adapter Cable Set?

One customer gave feedback that he did not know how to connect Autel TPLAN001 Cable. Here we will show you how to use Autel Tesla Diagnostic Adapter [...]

Launch X431 Scanners Repair VW Scirocco 00778 SAS No Signal

Here we are going to troubleshoot a VW Scirocco using Launch X431 Scanner. (You can use your X431 PAD VII/ PAD V/ PRO5...) Scan the car, DTC "00778" [...]

Launch X431 EV Diagnostic Upgrade Kit Support List

One customer asked if X431 PAD VII Elite with EV Diagnostic Kit supports Geek EV. Here is the full support list of Launch EV function. EV Diagnostic [...]

OBDSTAR iScan Harley Diagnosis Tool “System scan failed” Solution

One OBDSTAR iScan Harley user gave feedback that the tool's connector did not match that of the motorcycle. So the tool kept giving "System scan failed, please [...]

How to Activate Launch X431 Tablet IMMO PROG Function?

One Launch X431 PRO5 user asked: When I want to use the Audi VW Skoda Seat Immo function I get this message. everything is up to date. I tried reinstalling [...]

How to Activate and Unlock Launch X431 SGW Function?

In this article, we will show you how to activate and unlock SGW function on Launch X431 Diagnostic Tablet.   Compatible Device: CRP909E, [...]

Autel MK808BT PRO vs. XTOOL D7

Here we are going to compare Autel MK808BT PRO and XTOOL D7. We will cover firmware, diagnosis, and key programming. 1.Firmware Autel used to and [...]

How to Test Launch X431 PAD VII Elite VCI and OBD Cable?

One customer gave feedback that his X431 PAD VII Elite didn't respond at all after its VCI was connected. The indicator is off, so Here is [...]

Fixed! X431 Online Programming Benz S550 2007 Fail with DTC D603

Question: X431 Tablet online programming for Mercedes S550 2007 failed, and now there is DTC "D603" on the dashboard. After Online [...]

Launch X431 CRP909X vs. CRP919X vs. CRP919X BT

Launch X431 CRP919EBT, the upgraded version of CRP919E, is the same as Snap-on Scanner & X431 Pro Elite/ X431 V Pro 4.0/ X431 Pro3s+. We also have CRP919E [...]

How to Use Launch X431 HD3 Module for Truck Diagnosis?

One customer gave feedback that he could not connect X431 HDIII Module via Bluetooth when diagnosing a truck. From S/N number on the picture, The [...]
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