Launch X431

Launch X431 PRO3 Ford Focus TCM adaptive learning

This is the how-to’s of ‬TCM adaptive learning - clutch learning, applicable for all Ford models. Upload images... Select FORD Launch X431 [...]

72% off: LOWEST Price in Year 2017 at

Nov. 11 is the biggest shopping carnival in China. To celebrate it, offers the best price for you all.   You’ll SAVE A LOOOOOOT [...]

How to tell if Launch scanner is original or clone

Hi, friends. How to tell if Launch X431 scan tool is genuine or clone? Reply: check if genuine is the serial numbers inside case where the battery [...]

Launch X431 PRO 3 can do Mercedes Variant Coding as Xentry does?

Can Launch X431 PRO 3 works as well as Xentry/DAS in Variant Coding? Yes. Look here: Run Launch X431 PRO 3 application Select [...]

How to use Launch X431 PRO 3 for MB W212 Throttle Adaptation

Launch X431 PRO 3 user guide: Throttle Adaptation on Mercedes W212 the 2014 year Here, credits to all working for the test Check [...]

Launch scan tools: iCarScan vs M-Diagvs EasyDiag vs X431 iDiag

Launch scan tool any difference: Launch iCarScan vs Launch M-Diag Plus vs Launch EasyDiag Plus vs Launch X431 iDiag Launch iCarScan Launch M-Diag [...]

Launch x431Easydiag making pinout mapping

It’s aimed to make cables and mapping pinouts for specific connectors of some cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW, for Launch x431 easydiag adapters. Mb 14 [...]

Original Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus UK arrival 500pcs $49 sale

Original Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus Bluetooth adapter new arrival 500pcs -, $49 on sale ($60 on Amazon). PS: $49 for the adapter is only [...]

Launch M-Diag Lite Review (PCB attached)

I'll chip in my few words of Launch M-Diag Lite. It’s small and portable Light and small OBDll device, easy to handle; Plug and play through Bluetooth [...]

X431 V 8″ beat old x431 at special functions & car coverage (Test Report)

Experienced Launch users would choose X431 V 8" tablet to replace the old X431 tools i.e X431 v (pro) 7" tablet, because X431 V 8" tablet price only €754, [...]

Video: Launch X431 V 8 inch Tablet User Manual

  This is a Launch X431 V 8 inch diagnostic tool user manual through a video of real operation, made by the team working for [...]

Launch X431 V 8 inch Tablet Question & Answers (FAQ)

launch-x431-v-8inch-tablet-diagnostic-tool-1 (1)
Here are FAQs of Launch X431 V 8 inch OBD scan tool. Big thanks to engineers working for Top 3 FAQs: Launch x431 v support coding [...]