Lonsdor K518ise adds non-smart keys to Renault Clio 3: Success!

lonsdor-k518ise-renault-clio-1   Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ise key programmer is able to add non-smart keys to Renault Clio 3 In Lonsdor K518ise: Immobilizer - Renault - select from vehicle - Clio - Clio 3 Add non-smart keys Downloading application... Lonsdor starts programming new keys... Turn off the ignition switch and remove the key Current [...]

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Hacking CRP3 – Update Kess Ktag to the Latest Version

  kess ktag update to latest version how to guide hacking crp3:   So, JustJames wrote the guide hacking crp3 to help kess v2 and ktag update to latest [...]

Diagbox 7.83 download, install, car list, review

Free download Lexia 3 Diagbox 7.83 and get tutorials of how to install and use for Peugeot & Citroen.   What is PSA Diagbox: Lexia is for [...]

Renault Clio 2 2006 add new keys: Lonsdor K518ise vs Zedbull

Renault Clio 2 2006: Lonsdor and Zedbull, which works better? Lonsdor K518ise vs Zed-bull 1:0 Zedfull cannot read pin Lonsdor added new key without pin [...]

Lonsdor K518ise APP permission has expired

Lonsdor K518ise key programmer displays the error message: The APP permission has expired Please connect network to sync automatically No worries! Issue will [...]

Why Forscan adapter is a must?

The reason why you must have a Forscan adapter:   As good as IDS Forscan is a free scan tool that is bi-directional and almost as good as IDS. I think it can [...]

How to do Diagbox Telecoding on Citroen C3 2003

Success! Have done Diagbox telecoding on Citroen C3 2003.   car = Citroen C3 2003 ECU = Sagem S2PM-380 BSI = F02-00 Siemens Eeprom 95160 Telecode, [...]

VAS5054A Passthru Review

Here my VAS5054A Passthru results so far: VAS5054A with Techstream looks OK, have connection and can read parameters end do actuations. Only when i want to do [...]

2004 Volkswagen Beetle Add New Key: VVDI2 Done!

Xhorse VVDI2 can do 2004 Volkswagen Beetle? If yes, how?   Look here: 1.Pull the instrument cluster 2.Read eeprom. By Vvdiprog 3.Open vvdi2 4.Open VW 5. [...]

BMW 5 Series E60 CAS3/CAS3+ Add Keys via OBD or by EEPROM?

Topic: 2009 BMW 5 Series make a new dealer key... Need help 2009 BMW 5 Series slot key. Can I use the VVDI2 to make new dealer key. Car has no comfort access. Can it be [...]

VAS 5054A Infineon: 32F40F vs. 16F40F

I have both on 2 different vas 5054a heads, with different QC Mark labels on infineon. One vas5054a comes with 32F40F the other vas5054a comes with [...]

Canada/US Golf 2009 key learning with VVDI2

Hello, cardiagtool   I’ve tried Golf 2009...VVDI2 could not finish a key learning procedure. Pulled CS and PIN ok via ECU. Precoded could NOT be accessed [...]

FAQs: VVDI Keytool and 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe

Here are questions and answers of 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe remote/chip cloning with VVDI Keytool error below when the user wants to clone the aftermarket generic car alarm, [...]