GODIAG GD801 Key Programmer 2008 Ford Mondeo Cluster Calibration Test

godiag-gd801-key-programmer-cluster-calibration-test-2 GODIAG GD801 is a new designed android-based multi-functional tool combines key programming, mileage correction, oil/service reset and special functions like ABS bleed, gear learning,EPB, TPS, SRS reset etc. It covers wide range of vehicles, featured powerful function, and provides precise result.All-in-one machine structure, more convenient to use, [...]

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XTOOL A80 Pro H6 Pro Diagnostic Tool Review

As the latest car diagnosis platform made for technicians, A80 Pro/H6 Pro equips with an 8-inch industrial capacitive touch screen tablet with 2G RAM and 64G on-board memory. [...]

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Automatic Key Cutting Machine User Guide 

Basic Description Dolphin XP-005 is a portable machine, with a small volume and lightweight, is particularly and carefully designed for locksmiths worldwide. Xhorse [...]

How to Download and Install Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.46.1 on Win7

This article will share the practical experience of free downloading the newest software SDP3 2.46.1 for V2.46 Scania VCI3 Scanner Wifi and installing it on Win7 or Win 10 [...]

Introduction to All Functions & Features of Brand New Xhorse Key Tool Plus

WHAT IS KEY TOOL PLUS?   Xhorse KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet is a professional locksmith tool that integrates the main functions of remote control and chip, anti-theft [...]

How to Quickly Correct or Adjust Automotive Mileage with XTOOL X100 PAD3

This tech article will share the practical experience of using XTOOL X100 Pad3 to correct or adjust the mileage of Ford cars. The frequently-asked questions (FAQs) of the [...]

How to Perform Coding & Programming & Hot Functions with Foxwell GT60 Plus

Foxwell GT60Plus, the updated version of Foxwell GT80 PLUS, covers over 70 car makes. Besides, it inherits the same Foxwell advantages in car fault diagnostic tech, such as [...]

What’s the Difference Between Autel MaxiSys Elite and Launch X431 V+?

This article will show the all-around comparison between  Autel MaxiSys Elite and Launch X431 V+. Let two representative scanners in the Autel and LAUNCH brands to compete [...]

LAUNCH Professional OBD2 Scanners Newest Review 2021

We have big news updated for Original LAUNCH X431 Scaners righr here!!! Launch OBD2 scanner DIY series offer more than just universal, affordable and portable diagnostic [...]

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner Detailed Description & Operation Guide

As the new generation of intelligent motorcycle) diagnostic equipment of OBDSTAR Technology company, OBDSTAR MS80, based on Samsung Exynos processor, 8-inch capacitive touch [...]

How to Register and Update Foxwell NT630 Plus Step by Step?

With the help of SAS Calibration, Foxwell NT630 Plus not only has a wide range of cars for ABS and Airbag, but also supports One-key VIN reading, and works on the latest [...]

How to Install VX Manager for VXDIAG Diagnostic Tools?

This tech article will share the specific steps about VX Manager installation for VXDIAG Diagnosis Tools. The tools below, VXDIAG VCX NANO PRO For [...]

OEM Diagnostic Driver Installation & Update for VXDIAG Diagnosis Tools

Today’s updated article will talk about the stuff about OEM Diagnostic Driver Installation & Update for VXDIAG Diagnosis Tools. The VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis VCI and [...]

Autel MaxiSys Tablet Series “SD Card Full” Factory Reset Solution

Many customers prefers to buy the Autel MaxiSys Tablet Series like the Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, Autel MaxiSys Elite and Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro because of their powerful [...]

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus with Key SIM All Keys Lost for TOYOTA/LEXUS

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus, as the upgrade version different from X300 DP PAD, has Built-in VCI Box which can help make communication more stable, totally no worry to lose VCI on [...]

Where Can Users Get Foxwell GT60 Most Detailed “Settings” Application?

Yes! Here it is the most detailed Foxwell GT60 “Settings” Application. This tech article aims to illustrate how to perform “Settings” of Foxwell GT60 Diagnostic [...]

How to Perform Oil Reset for Audi A6 2011 with Foxwell NT680 Pro

As one of the powerful Auto Code Reader members, Foxwell NT80 Pro always keeps its style of providing workshops, technicians and enthusiasts affordable diagnostic [...]
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