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How to Connect VNCI Bosch VCI (USB/ AP/ Station Connection)?

In this article, we are going to show you how to connect VNCI Bosch Series VCI to your computer. We'll cover three approaches: 1.USB Connection 2.WLAN [...]

VNCI PT3G vs. OEM PT3G vs. Custom VAS 6154A vs. Other PT3G

New VNCI PT3G Porsche Diagnostic Scanner would be the best replacement for OEM PT3G. Here we will show you the differences between them. VNCI PT3G [...]


VXDIAG PSA License is added to VXDIAG VCX SE and VCX DoIP series! Notes: 1)There is no VXDIAG PSA NANO yet, and NANO with one specific make does not [...]

Free Download GM GDS2 2023.10.19 Software

Here we are going to share with you the latest GM GDS2 and GM DPS software. Get free download link from Cardiagtool. Free Download: GM GDS2 [...]

Range Rover Sport 2021 Odometer Correction by A 500-EURO Tool OK

How to correct Range Rover Sport 2021 odometer via OBD port using a tool less than 500 Euros? Here we will show you how to finish this job by GODIAG [...]

How to Update VNCI MDI2 Firmware?

When VNCI MDI2 Scanner shows as below, that means a firmware update is needed. Free Download VNCI MDI2 Device Manager: VNCI MDI2 [...]

Free Download GM GDS2 2023.7.13 and DPS 4.5.200 Software

Here we are going to share you software of GM GDS2 and GM DPS. Get free download link from Cardiagtool. Free Download: GM GDS2 2023.7.13 (Require [...]

How to Fix Launch X431 PRO Elite Scanner Firmware?

Question: Launch X431 PRO Elite, software got stuck when checking live data for Ford Transit 2006 135tdci. Here is the Solution: 1)Update [...]

GM MDI2 vs. GM Tech2 vs. VNCI MDI2

New VNCI MDI2 Scanner with CANFD& DOIP protocol is designed to replace OEM GM MDI2. Here we will show you how VNCI MDI2 features. GM MDI2 vs. GM [...]

Launch X431 PRO Elite Review: A Budget Tool with Powerful Features

This article is a review about Launch X431 PRO Elite, the budget scanner from Launch. General This is a next-level scan tool for professional [...]

Autel AP200 Scanner Connected to Another Phone Review

One customer wonders if Autel AP200 Scanner can only be connected to one phone or tablet.   The answer is No. Here we will show you how to move [...]

Launch X431 CRP919E Review: Best Affordable Bi-directional

This is a review of the new affordable bi-directional tablet -- Launch X431 CRP919E.   1.First Impression Package First one of the best things [...]

How to Run ODIS10 with A 100-Dollar Scanner (Free Software)?

VNCI 6154A OBDII Scanner is a new VCI that could perfectly replace VAS 6154A, supporting VAG cars from 1995 up to 2020. It supports WIFI & USB Connection [...]

NEXZSCAN NL300 DIY Scanner Review: Registration and Comparison

Humzor NEXZSCAN NL300, equipped with its own application - "NexzDAS", is an innovative Bluetooth car fault code diagnostic instrument for home [...]

DIY Scanner Comparison: NEXZSCAN NL300 vs Autel AP200

In this article, we are going to show you two portable scanners for DIYers - NEXZSCAN NL300 and Autel AP200.   Here is the comparison [...]

Best Cost-efficient Code Reader Autel AL519 Review: Enhanced Version

As an outstanding entry-level OBDll scan tool, Autel AL519 Enhanced code reader can performs all the basic functions and some additional functions. The device [...]

Autel Autolink AL619 scanner Review: Good for Engine, ABS & SRS Function

As a great OBD2 scanner for beginner technicians, mechanics, or DIY enthusiasts, Autel Autolink AL619 scanner is sold at a very fair price but comes with [...]

How to Use Xhorse Key Tool Plus with Godiag GT100 to Read W204 W207 EIS Data

Today’s tech article will center on using Godiag GT100 as the simulate for Mercedes-Benz cables, together with Xhorse Key Tool Plus Tablet, to read W204 W207 [...]

ThinkCar2/ ThinkCar Pro Ford F150/250/350/750 ABS Bleeding List (Till 2020)

How do you bleed the ABS module for your Ford cars (such as F150, F250, F350 and F750)? Use a scan tool or not? In fact, there is few devices can do this [...]

ThinkCar 2 (Thinkdriver) Diagnose 2014 Honda Accord No Issues!

Confirmed! It has been tested and verified that ThinkCar 2 (Launch Thinkdriver) can do all system diagnosis on 2014 Honda Accord without any issue. Here [...]
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