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How to use ELM327 & DDT4All for OBD2 diagnostic on cars

ELM327 interfaces arrived, and now the fun begins. I ordered it on Friday evening and it arrived last night, 5 days from order to delivery. See the two [...]

How to install FORScanon Macbook Pro for ELM327

I have successfully got FORScan working for the latest mac os version sierra 10.12.1 using a macbook pro 2011 Firstly make sure you have the correct drivers [...]

Launch x431Easydiag making pinout mapping

It’s aimed to make cables and mapping pinouts for specific connectors of some cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW, for Launch x431 easydiag adapters. Mb 14 [...]

How to read BMW ME9.2 ISN with K+DCAN cable/Creator C310+

This is how to use a K-Line BMW interface to read Bosch ME9.2 (E46 E53). You can use any suitable K-Line BMW interface, such as a K+DCAN USB cable [...]

TDINTEL Vpecker Xtuner X500 software download procedure

  This post is on TDINTEL Vpecker Xtuner software download procedure. Device needed: Computer Phone or tablet (Android) Vpecker or Xtuner [...]

Launch Golo M-Diag Lite diagnose BMW and do special function by Android

Here 10 steps to use Launch Golo M-Diag Lite to diagnose BMW and do special function by Android. Install APP ->complete registration -> click the BMW [...]

Original Launch M-Diag Lite for IOS Android User Guide

  Launch M-Diag Lite  Introduction: Launch M-Diag Lite Working Status: Constant green light Working normally Flickering red [...]

Launch M-Diag wins Launch X431 Easydiag and Golo Easydiag+

  Launch M-Diag Launch X431 Easydiag Golo Easydiag+ Adapter picture   Price 59USD for adapter + customizable software [...]

FOXWELL NT204 OBD2 Multi-language Auto Code ScannerAvailable

  FOXWELL NT204 OBDII & CAN multi-language car code reader is released at with a reasonable price, here is full instruction. [...]

Launch M-Diag for IOS Android Bluetooth OBDII diagnostic with special functions

  (In stock) Original Launch M-Diag for IOS Android Bluetooth is an easy-to-use OBDII full-system diagnostic tool with special functions including Oil [...]

How to Use Renault-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool ForDacia

Renault-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner is a perfect replacement of Renault Can Clip, It can access to variousECUssuch as Engine, Gearbox, ABS, Airbag/SRS. [...]

Creator C500 diagnostic scanner for OBDII / EOBD / BMW and Mini / Honda/ Acura

Newest handheld Creator C500 auto diagnostic scanner with 2.8" color LCD display Includes all the functions of Creator C300, C310 and C330, perform test on [...]