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Lonsdor key programmer

Fixed! Lonsdor K518ISE Program Lexus GX460 2020 Communication Fail

One customer gave the feedback that his Lonsdor K518ISE prompts “Communication failure” when programming a Lexus GX460 2020 with ADP [...]

(EN)Lonsdor K518 Latest Toyota/Lexus Smart Key Programming Guide

Update time: Jan. 4th, 2022, Lonsdor K518 smart key programming for Toyota 8A, Lexus 8A and Toyota 4A up to 2021. This function requires a Lonsdor Super ADP [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/8A Smart Key Latest Key Programming Upgrade Information

We are so happy to share the latest upgrade news about Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/Universal 8A Smart Key Latest Key Programming Upgrade Information, adding new [...]

How to use Lonsdor K518 for BMW CAS4 key programming?

  How to use Lonsdor K518 for BMW CAS4 CAS4+ key programming? Purpose: Generate ignition key: import D-FLASH/EEPROM data from CAS4/CAS4+ to [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Add New Key to Peugeot 4008 2015

Topic: Can 2015 Peugeot 4008 add new key by Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer?   Lonsdor K518 covers European, American, Asian and Chinese car for [...]

Lonsdor K518S Latest Update Toyota/Lexus/Hyundai/Infiniti

Lonsdor K518s key programmer  latest update Toyota/Lexus/Hyundai/Infiniti vehicles on Dec.25,2019. here is the detail list: [...]

Lonsdor k518ise Latest update FIAT/OPEL/ALFA ROMEO

Lonsdor K518ise latest update FIAT,OPEL,ALFA ROMEO and BORGWARD with key progrmming, ECU programming and code reading funtion. Detail list: [...]

Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Smart & Remote Key Full List

Lonsdor KH100 is a professional cost-effective remote maker to copy, emulate, generate chip/key etc. Here share the latest remote and smart key list for [...]

Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Registration Guide

In the previous article mainly introduced the manual of Lonsdor KH100 incl. features, functions, registration and update. Here will highlight the [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Test Report: Program key for 2005 Ford Focus Perfectly

Purpose: To check K518ise can program new key to Ford Focus 2005 or not Preparation: Car: 2005 Ford Focus Device: Lonsdor K518ise key programmer+1 [...]

Best Volvo key programmer- Lonsdor K518ISE

Lonsdor K518ISE is the first Volvo key programmer in the world tool to add/program new [...]

How to know Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key is suitable?

FT01 2
How to know  the Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key is suitable?Please follow the steps below to gather information and provide us with feedback [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Tested 100% on Auris 2009/ OPEL Corsa 2008/ PEUGEOT 407 2007

Lonsdor K518ISE is the best auto key programmer based on Android. With WIFI networking, ensures software upgrading more convenient, no need to plug memory [...]

Lonsdor K518S add new keys to OPEL Corsa 2008

Lonsdor K518s is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith with powerful functions. It supports Immobilization, Odometer adjustment etc. and can be used for [...]

Lonsdor K518 Review: Program key to TOYOTA successfully

Lonsdor K518ISE is good for vehicle locksmith to program keys. Here I’d like to share how to use K518ISE to program Toyota Auris 2009 4D70 [...]

How to Read Peugeot 407 Pin code & Program remote key by Lonsdor K518

Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith. It supports Immobilization, Odometer adjustment, Free BMW FEM key programming [...]

VW MULTIVAN T5 IMMO4 NEC+24C3: All OK with Lonsdor K518!

Lonsdor K518 test report: updated on 20-06-2019 Car model: VW MULTIVAN T5 Year: 2012 Immobilizer: IMMO4 Chip: NEC+24C32 Image: Result: ALL [...]

Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Key Programmer: Function+ Registration+ Upgrade

If you are searching for a key programmer for your car, Lonsdor KH100 will be your best choice. This post will highlight function, registration and upgrade [...]

Lonsdor K518 Ford Update

k518 5.23 update
Lonsdor K518 Latest Update on May. 23 ,2019, New update support a large number of ford vehicles to program smart key and [...]

Lonsdor K518 Latest Update Hyundai/VW

Lonsdor update
Lonsdor K518 Newest Update Lancia,Hyundai,VW on May.17,2019 Immobilization: Lancia/Delta/Read PIN code & Make dealer key Software [...]
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