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Boot mode read EDC15: Galletto software vs. MPPS cable

This is: How to read ecu edc15 on the bench in boot mode? can be done with Galletto software or a MPPS cable? About Boot mode: Bootmode is a design [...]

Carprog 11.35 Download: FREE, NO Password

Free download Carprog 11.35 software:!xQJg3Awa!cbg7vEgiVySaNr23aUJP51barV1YuZW48LRh4nwF5nY Version: 11.35 Security: Unknown! it's [...]

Possible to use Ktag or Kess V2 with 2014 Volvo truck TRW 2.3?

Is it possible to use ktag with 2014 volvo truck ecm. trying to get dpf delete on that truck? Question from users who tested on this ecu: kess v2: [...]

Kess V2 virtual read files: download + how to install

Kess V2 virtual read files:!MoInHJYQ!-IzbqxvMPcOGBKaojAK4P2xV020qZM9eXAv6IPB1grQ ori psw was decrypted by kess when you take id on [...]

ECU Remapping – What You Have to Know

Here are things you should have before mapping/remapping a car.   Math you need to have a reasonable understanding of maths, and how to use a [...]

FgTech Galletto V54 vs. Galletto V53

This is what you should know if you have a Fgtech Galletto already, or are looking for a new one: I have inspecting the Galletto V53 and the Galletto [...]

How to install FgTech 4 firmware 0475 Galletto V54 on Windows 7

Tutorial: FgTech 4 firmware 0475 Galletto V54 FREE download and Windows 7 install FgTech 4 firmware 0475 Galletto v54 download [...]

What is the CarProg full kit?

CarProg full kit includes carprog main unit with all adapters. Look at the chart in detail...   1pc x CarProg main unit 1pc x A1 - OBD2 [...]

How to solve Ktag 7.020/Kess V2 5.017 “Protocol not found”

Here are possible solutions shared by Ktag 7.020 or Kess V2 5.017 users for the problem “Protocol not found” on their ECU [...]

Fgtech FW 0475 Galletto 4 Master V54 EU Version Review

Fgtech FW 0475 Galletto 4 Master V54 EU Version is unlocked version, support online operation, add much more and newer vehicles and ECU protocols than FW 0386, [...]

Possible to use Kess V2 firmware 6.008?

Here’s some info about Kess v2 firmware 6.008. Works only without Internet Connection With internet connection All bootloader st10fxxx [...]

Hacking CRP3 – Update Kess Ktag to the Latest Version

  kess ktag update to latest version how to guide hacking crp3:   So, JustJames wrote the guide hacking crp3 to help kess v2 and [...]