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BMW AT200 V1.7.0 Read ISN/BACKUP/RESTORE Data on MSV90

BMW AT200 ECU programmer newest software V1.7.0 has optimized and upgraded software interface incl. wiring diagram display, font size, menu display, added [...]

Free Download AT200 BMW V1.7.0

Latest V1.7.0 BMW AT-200 has optimized and upgraded software interface, also added some engine types. Check the related software free download link and [...]

Can Iprog+ Pro Reset Airbag / Correct Odometer Without Welding Line?

Iprog+ pro is a comprehensive ECU programmer, it can be used on airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU and special functions. For some [...]

How to solve MPPS V18 Only Has One xc90 2.4d model Problem

mpps-v18-get-all-xc90 2.4d-models-solution
Recently, one of cardiagtool customer feedback that there are 4 xc90 2.4d models on the list, but when he used his mpps v18, only one model can be [...]

KTM BENCH V1.20 Update: Added ECU Wiring Diagram 2020

Newest KTM Bench V1.20 added ECU Wiring Diagram 2020 and can support more ECUs than old V1.199.   1.KTM BENCH V1.20 wiring diagram free [...]

BMW AT200 ECU Programmer Feedbacks

Here have collected some CGDI BMW AT200 feedbacks, incl. N13/20/55, MSD81/85 and MSV80/90. 1.BMW AT200 read and write N13/N20/N55 with professional OBD [...]

VVDI PROG V4.8.9 Update: Added More Adapters for BMW/Benz

Here share the newest VVDI Prog V4.8.9 free download link and update info. V4.8.9 VVDI PROG free download link: [...]

How to Reset Tokens for KTAG V6.070 Ksuite V2.13?

Did you have the problem when you used KTAG firmware V6.070 (Now  is update to Ktag V7.0.2) that the software prompted “mandatory update within the next 5 [...]

BMW AT200 V1.6.1 Update: Added MSD85/MSD87/MSV90 Write ISN

BMW AT-200 can write MSD85/MSD87/MSV90 ISN, this new function has been added in the latest version 1.6.1. Check more details below. AT-200 V1.6.1 (updated [...]

KTAG V7.020 Ksuite V2.23 clone Bosch MED 9.5.10

I have a VW Golf 5, but due to my mistake, the original ecu is dead, and I found another one. I want to use my KTAG high tech tool to read out the data from [...]

Iprog+ clone Feedback on IMMO, Dash, MCU etc

Iprog+ clone is tested working fine for key programming, odometer correcion, reading & writing MCU etc. This article is available with 5pcs of Iprog+ [...]

AT-200 Mulit-function Update

AT-200 new upgrades 432 pcs ECUs (Engine Computer) (1.5.0 update content) 1. Increase the read and write ISN function of MSD80 and MSD81 2. Increase the [...]

Kess V2 5.017 Ksuite 2.47: Installation on Win 7/8, How to use

Kess V2 Firmware V5.017 supports online service, can work with internet, no tokens need, newly add 140+ protocols. Program safer and more stable! Here share [...]

KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM probe adapters Review: Price, Package, Test on MJD ECU

Here share a hot-sale auto ECU programmer at KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM probe adapters. Price: The latest price of BDM probe adapters [...]

Best ECU programmers clone installation: Ktag V7.020, Kess V5.017, MPPS V18

Here, have collected the installation videos of the best ECU programmer clone, incl. Ksuite V2.25 for Ktag V7.020, Ksuite 2.23 for Kess V5.017 and MPPS [...]

Kess V2 5.017 clone write BOSCH EDC17C64 without any issue

Online Version Kess V2 Firmware V5.017 supports online service, can work with internet, no tokens need, newly add 140+ protocols. Program safer and more [...]

MPPS V18 China clone with full modules (Ship from UK NO TAX)

Are you searching for where to buy MPPS V18 ECU programmer at good price? will be your good choice. Here share more details with you [...]

(Solved) Ktag Ksuite 2.xx Error: The tool is not powered correctly

My Ksuite 2.23 and 2.25 on Ktag clone showing me following error. "The tool is not powered correctly : Control power supply" I tried stock 12v 1A power [...]