Ford 2015 Key Programming with Magic Wand 4D Obdstar F100

Transponder chip generator magic wand 4D is a new released device to generate and copy chips. This blog will display how to use magic wind and F100 to do immobilizer key programming for ford 2015 focus.

The function of magic wand:

  1. Basic function of magic wind is to turn original 4D to special transponder 61,62,63,65,66,67,68 and copy transponder 61,62,63,65,66,67,68 independently.
  2. It can also program immobilizer keys with other magic tools chip 4D70 and X100.

Notice before using magic wind :

  1. The power should be supplied above 5v 1.5a with android phone USB cable. If not, the function of magic wind will be affected.
  2. Magic wind can work with phone and laptop, but also work with itself.

The devices required:

  1. Magic wind 4D
  2. Chip 4D70
  3. F100 Key programmer
  4. Original transponder key and new key
  5. Quickly Key Programmer

Car model:

2015 Ford Focus

Operation process:

Step 1:Test original transponder key

Put the original key into the slot on quickly TM


Choose read and copy


Please wait and do not move the key

The chip is 83


Unplug the original key and try to start the car.


It works.

Step 2: Test new transponder key.

Put the new key into the slot on quickly TM

Choose read and copy

The chip is 4D 70


Try to start the car with new key, and it does not works.

Step 3 : Format 4D 70 to 83

Put 4D 70 in the chip slot of magic wind.

Press button“8” and “3”, and then button “write”.



Insert the new transponder key &ignition on, magic wind close to ignition.


Step 4: Program a new key with F100

Select function of “programming immobilizer key”


Select vehicle model: ford


Download and initializing

Select ford-focus-type2(2014-)

Choose programming a new key

Insert the new transponder key and ignition on, press ENTER to continue.

Read pincode



Ignition off


Ignition on

Now we own 4 keys could start this car.

It’s programming.


It’s taking about 4 mins to program

We get pincode



Now we get 5 keys could start this car.

Try to start the car and it works


The new key programming has been completed successfully.